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The Eden Group is an organization which offers players a variety of quests in return for experience and exclusive equipment. The quests help new players explore the world, gain access to much-needed equipment, and level up much more quickly; at higher levels, the repeatable experience quests allow far quicker leveling.

To access the Eden Group Headquarters, simply speak to an Eden Teleport Officer. You'll find them located in various parts of every city.

  • Prontera (/navi prontera 124/76)
  • Alberta (/navi alberta 124/67)
  • Geffen (/navi geffen 132/66)
  • Morocc Ruins (/navi moc_ruins 68/164)
  • Aldebaran (/navi aldebaran 133/119)
  • Izlude (/navi izlude 131/148)
NPC Eden Teleporter.png

Teleport Officer

Join the Group

Instructor Boya
Secretary Lime Eveno

1. Talk to Instructor Boya (25,35) behind the center of the counter in the Eden Group Headquarters.

Note: Required level 12 and above to join the group

2. Talk to Secretary Lime Eveno (27,35) to register and select Join the Eden Group.

You will receive Eden Group Mark, 5 Yellow Butterfly Wing, 15 Lv10 Blessing Scroll, 15 Lv10 Agil Scroll.

Equipment Quests

Instructor Boya
Administrator Michael

The equipment quests provide players from level 12 to 99 with armor and weapons. They tend to be relatively simple, and the equipment rewarded tend to be better than the norm. Eden Group items have no weight, but they cannot be placed in storage, refined, nor hold cards, meaning that they will eventually be outclassed by general equipment.

There are four stages/quest levels, each of which rewards the player with a stronger set of gear. Talk to Instructor Boya to start and Administrator Michael for rewards.

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Leveling Quests

Mission Board

Eden Group's mission boards provide a fast and easy way to gain mainly base EXP for various levels.

Main Article: Eden Group Leveling Quests

Weekly Bounty


The Weekly Bounty is generally the best way to level characters level 70 and up. Each week, a hunting quest by Gramps is rotated which requires the player to kill a monster 400 times. The monsters involved will give their normal EXP. The player must be within a certain level range to obtain the quest, but can get the reward at any level.

Main Article: Eden Group Weekly Bounty

Crystal Synthesis


The Crystal Synthesis quests provide players with enhanced gears, synthesized with energy crystals. They also provide three hours buffs which also reward crystals. Talk to Reno in Eden Group Headquarters 2F to start with the quests.

Main Article: Eden Group Crystal Synthesis

Grandma Boxter

This feature is not implemented on JellyRO.

Grandma Boxter on Eden Group Headquarters 2F recycles items for Brownie Points, which can then be exchanged for certain rewards.

Daily Rewards

This feature is not implemented on JellyRO.

A Daily Reward from the NPC Dally Quen in Eden Group kitchens. Rewards are based on the roll of a die.