Card System

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Cards are items that can be attached to equipment to give them extra bonuses. There is a maximum of 4 slots available on weapons, and max 1 slot for all other gear.

Double-click on a card in your inventory to use it; A list of compatible equipment will show up. After slotting an item, that item will gain a prefix or suffix. Some equipment can be slotted via Socket Enchant.

Slotting a card is permanent. To remove, or unslot, the player must visit Gareth Morrowynd and pay fees.

Obtaining Cards

Unavailable Cards

Currently unavailable to server or players, but could possibly be implemented sooner or later.

JellyRO Exclusive Cards

Born right here, on this awesome server.

Customized Cards

Adjusted/nerfed/grammatically corrected/differing in some way from the scripts found at the general RO database RateMyServer.