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This quest or feature is part of a future update and has not yet been added to JellyRO.
All details are currently pending.

General Overview

Enchantment is a very significant part of improving equipment. Having better enchants will improve a piece of equipment greatly, and sometimes the enchants are even the defining part of the gear. Some enchants have a chance of breaking the equipment, and sometimes they do not. For more information on each specific enchanting system, please check their individual pages.

Mora Enchants

Main article: Mora Enchants

The enchants available in the town of Mora are mainly for class specific gear and gear sets.

Malangdo Enchants

Main article: Malangdo Enchants

The enchants available in the town of Malangdo are mainly for certain level 3 and 4 weapons, and can give each weapon up to two enchants.

Malangdo Costume Enchants

Main article: Malangdo Costume Enchants

Some costumes can be enchanted at Malangdo for added effects

Biolab Enchants

Main article: Biolab Enchants

Wolfchev enables certain enchants for weapons and armor dropped by Bio Labs monsters.

Fallen Angel Wing Enchants

This feature is not implemented on JellyRO.

Archangel Wing Enchants

This feature is not implemented on JellyRO.

RWC Accessory Enchants

This feature is not implemented on JellyRO.

Temporal Boots Enchants

Main article: Temporal Boots Enchants

The Temporal Crystals and Coagulated Spells earned from doing the Old Glast Heim Instance can be exchanged for Temporal Boots.

Hidden Enchants

Main article: Hidden Enchant

This system allows players to add stat bonuses to selected body armors. The gear is randomly given +1 to +3 of one of the 6 stats. Success rates vary according to the type of armor. Each attempt costs 400,000 Zeny, but no items are needed other than the armor itself.

Socket Enchant

Main article: Socket Enchant

Not really a system of adding enchants per se, but is somewhat related. Players may use this system to add an additional card slot into selected pieces of equipment. They are divided by "ranks", which will require different amount of zeny and items (more expensive stuff will be required the higher the rank of the item you plan to upgrade). Success rates will also depend on the rank; higher rank items will have lower success rates.

When successfully enchanted, items will gain one or more slots to insert a card into. However, there are some exceptions. Some items have different effects as a result of successful enchant.