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The Homunculus is a type of creature exclusively for the Alchemist class, not to be confused with the Mercenary or Pets. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to both support and defend its owner during battle, with each one of the four types of Homunculi possessing various attributes unique to each.

About Homunculi

Name Infancy Evolved Skills Comments


Lif.gif Lif Evolved.gif Healing Hands
Restore player HP. Requires a Condensed Red Potion.

Urgent Escape

Temporarily increase Lif and player movement speeds.

Brain Surgery

Increase Lif MAX SP, SP REC, and Healing Hands.

Mental Charge

Change MATK and ATK stats for a short duration.
Increase VIT by 30 and INT by 20 per skill level.
  • Type: Support, Demi Human
  • Feed: Pet Food
  • Walking Speed
  • No offensive skills
  • Lowest physical attack, defense and flee
Lif2.gif Lif2 Evolved.gif


Filir.gif Filir Evolved.gif Moonlight
Rapid melee attack.


Temporarily increase Filir ATK and ASPD.

Accelerated Flight

Temporarily increase Filir FLEE.


Massive DMG attack at cost of Intimacy.
  • Type: Melee, Brute
  • Feed: Zargon
  • Strong offensive skill
  • Highest Flee and ASPD
  • Lowest Max HP and VIT
Filir2.gif Filir2 Evolved.gif


Amistr.gif Amistr Evolved.gif Castling
Instantly switch Amistr and player location and aggro.

Amistr Bulwark

Temporarily increase Amistr and player VIT.

Adamantium Skin

Increases Amistr Max HP, HP REC, and DEF.

Blood Lust

Temporarily increase Amistr ATK.
Chance to leech 20% of DMG as HP per hit.
  • Type: Tank, Brute
  • Feed: Garlet
  • Highest defense for tank/aggro capabilities
  • No offensive skills
  • Extremely poor SP Recovery
  • Third lowest Flee and ASPD
Amistr2.gif Amistr2 Evolved.gif


Vanilmirth.gif Vanilmirth Evolved.gif Caprice
Random Bolt Magic attack.

Chaotic Blessings

Heal on random target.

Instruction Change

Increase Vanilmirth STR and INT.
Increase potion brew success chance.


Splash damage ATK based on Vanilmirth MAX HP.
Pierce DEF and ignore FLEE at cost of Intimacy.
  • Type: Magic, Formless
  • Feed: Scell
  • Highest stat growth
  • Adaptable survival in all situations.
Vanilmirth2.gif Vanilmirth2 Evolved.gif

S Class Homunculi are not available in JellyRO.


Only an Alchemist class can create an Embryo with which to summon the Homunculus. The Player must have the skill Pharmacy and have the following items in inventory:

  • Morning Dew of Yggdrasil
  • Seed of Life
  • Glass Tube
  • Medicine Bowl
  • Potion Creation Guide

The items can be obtained at the Alchemist NPC and the Guide can be obtained in Prontera. Once the Embryo is created, player can then use Call Homunculus if they've completed the Bioethics Quest or spoken to the Platinum Skill NPC. The embryo will be consumed and a Homunculus will spawn. Stats do not affect the type summoned; it is entirely random.

Control and AI

Manual Functions

Alt + Single Right Click: Target monster
Alt + Double Right Click: Attack monster
Alt + T: Standby, Idle/Passive
Alt + Right Click Ground: Move to location (15 tile range)
Alt + R: Information window
Right Click Homunculus: Command window popup

Artificial Intelligence

All Homunculus (and Mercenary) behavior is controlled by an AI script. There is a choice between the use of the default script or a custom script, but the default script is highly unpopular in its simplicity. The Homunculus will either kill steal everything (Vanilmirth and Filir) or will not attack anything at all (Amistr and Lif). For this reason, most players opt for custom AI. To switch between the Default AI and the USER AI, the player can:

  • Type /hoai.
  • Open Setup.exe in the RO folder and checking/unchecking the hoai checkbox in the Option tab.
  • Checking/unchecking the option in the ALT + Y window when in game.


The custom AI's available are:

Azzy AI
MirAI (No longer updated.)
Rampage AI (No longer updated.)
April 2015: Azzy AI will be added as default User AI to the new JellyRO client currently in beta.

Once AI script is downloaded, go to the default RO directory generally located at C:\Games\JellyRO\AI. Insert the downloaded AI script into the USER_AI folder and relog or resummon the Homunculus. This should be done every time there is a change in script (i.e. designating targets).

Should a player accidentally overwrite the default AI files instead of USER_AI files, commonly resulting in an AI.lua error, a download can be found here

Feeding, Intimacy & Evolution

Much like Pets, Homunculus require feeding, and with feeding comes Intimacy. Intimacy is crucial for evolution, as one cannot evolved without Loyal Intimacy. If the player forgets to feed the Homunculus, its Intimacy will eventually decrease, and it will leave if it goes below zero Intimacy. Unlike Pets, the player dying, the Homunculus dying, or the Homunculus vaporizing does not affect Intimacy.

Feeding the Homunculus is best at Hunger 11~24, as this will give a full Intimacy point. Feeding at Hunger <10 or >74 will cause Intimacy to decrease. The player can check Intimacy levels by using the @homintimacy command. Loyal Intimacy is ~911, which is when a player can use a Philosopher's Stone to evolve the Homunculus. Once evolved, Intimacy resets to 0, but the Homunculus obtains a random bonus for each of the stats, increased max HP and max SP, and a new sprite. In the evolved form, Loyal Intimacy will unlock the final skill.

Each hour of starving causes the Intimacy to decrease by 18 (3600 seconds per hour / 200 seconds per loss). If the player is away from the computer for a full 24 hours of starving, the Homunculus' Intimacy will decrease by 432. If the player can no longer use Call Homunculus or Homunculus Resurrection, then the Homunculus has left for good. However, the player is able to create a new Homunculus.

Leveling and Mechanics

EXP Formula

The Homunculus gains EXP via the following formula:

A= Monster's Base EXP
B= Monster's Health
C= Damage done to monster by Homunculus

EXP gained = A*(C/B)

Note: this only applies if the Homunculus is doing damage.


  • A skill point is gained for every three levels.
  • Battle Manuals do not affect exp gained.
  • Hit Rate is capped at 95%.
  • Sanctuary, along with Gypsy/Clown songs, do heal and grant buffs.
  • Stat growth is random.
  • Ghost property mobs can be hit.

Common Leveling Grounds

Depending on the will of the player and the type of Homunculus, the most popular methods of leveling are either AFK leveling or tank leveling in the early stages of growth. AFK leveling often involves feeding to Hunger 74 and leaving the Homunculus with a mob type it is capable of killing without assistance. Tank type leveling involves the player aggro-ing the monster before allowing the Homunculus to attack. The following are the most frequently populated maps for Homunculus leveling.

  • Ant Hell
  • Payon Caves
  • Sunken Ship
  • Toy Factory
  • Orc Dungeon
  • High Orcs
  • Glast Heim Underprison
  • Skellington
  • Moscovia Field

Related NPCs

Silfie is an NPC launched in July 2015 that rewards players with miniature clones of their Homunculus.