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While hunting leisurely in the forest, he/she decides to join the world of adventure after reading the notice recruiting adventurers posted by King Tristan III, taking it as an opportunity to use his/her skills.

Trained to manipulate bows and arrows, he/she can hit a target even with his/her eyes closed. With the use of different types of traps, he/she can interrupt an enemy's path and has the ability to bring chaos upon them.

His/Her goal is to attack from a distance, but using the Falcon he/she became friends with while staying in the forest, he/she is able to rush an enemy as well. The Falcon also has the keenness to keep an eye out for an opportunity to attack.

The Hunter is an outstanding job that has the ability to counter and attack in any situation.

A transcended Hunter can become a;
sniperm.png sniperf.png
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Item Artemis Bow.gif Artemis Bow [3]
Artemis Bow

Legendary bow that was used by Artemis to shoot down the stars from the sky. The spirit of the moon goddess shields its wielder in a protective shroud.

Enable to use Level 5 [Safety Wall].
Inflict 30% more damage with Critical Hits.
Knowledge of Level 10 [Double Strafe] increases the wielder's MDEF by 15.
Otherwise, add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 3 [Gloria]when attacking.
DEX + 10, INT + 30, LUK + 30

Item Class: Bow
Slots: 3
Attack Strength: 175
Attribute: Neutral
Weight: 100
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: None
Applicable Jobs: Hunter, Sniper


1 Ballista
1 Rudra Bow
1 Bow Thimble
2 Arrow of Counter Evil
1,000 False Angel Wing

Cost: 150,000,000z

Artemis allows Hunter and Sniper to not only use Safety Wall as a brief measure of protection but, more importantly, to prevent other players from using Pneuma over themselves. Its LUK and Gloria bonuses give Sniper a critical edge while also boosting the power of Falcon Assault.

For additional information about obtaining SQIs (Super Quest Items), visit the SQI page.

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