Kin Island

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Kin Island

Kin Island is a custom area that can be accessed via boat from Amatsu (amatsu 252,100). The map was first introduced in the 2011 Sakura Promise event and is located slightly north of Amatsu. As of 2015 it is still largely abandoned and unused.

About Kin Island

Not much is known about this strange island aside from evidence of the battle that took place some years ago. All that's left are the echoes of the wounded and dying, the fading reek of demon and death, and a lover's promise amidst lush forests and enchanting flowers.

2011 Sakura Promise Event

A mysterious island is discovered, only to invaded shortly afterwards, pitting the citizens of Amatsu against an unknown demonic army in a deadly impasse. In the midst of it, a young woman named Miko waits desperately for word of her beloved from the battlefield.

2015 JellyRO in Spring Event

Battle erupts once again as demons manage to pass the ever vigilant border guards and invade the human camp. Meanwhile, Miko finally finds out the fate of her beloved after four long years.