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While serving God and witnessing the miracles, the Priest is the only one that decides to join the world of adventure following the voice of God. He/She helps the group by casting supportive spells, and with a well-trained spirit helps members of the group Heal. Also, he/she has exceptional fighting skills against Undead monsters and by purifying their souls, returns them to the ground.

If you happen to join parties with a strong Priest, you will be able to receive help from their supportive skills that also possess the ability to attack enemies.

A transcended Priest can become a;
highpriestm.png highpriestf.png
High Priest
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Job Change Quest

Reach job level 40 or higher on Merchant, then speak to the Job Changer.


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Priest uses rods for magical power and wields maces, fingers, and books to smite enemies. Most of its armor options are robes that are often imbued with magical properties. Priest's mace SQI is Evangelist.

Item Evangelist.gif Evangelist [3]

A weapon wielded only by Valhalla's chosen. This mace is strengthened by the priest's own faith and devotion.

Enable use of Level 10 [Frost Nova].
Enable use of Level 10 [Cold Bolt].
Enables use of Level 1 [Magic Crasher]
INT + 20, DEX + 20, +50% Chance to put Enemies to Sleep

Item Class: Mace
Slots: 3
Attack Strength: 250
Attribute: Water
Weight: 150
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: None
Applicable Jobs: Priest, High Priest


1 Coif [1]
1 Holy Robe
5 Plankton Card
100 Crystal Blue
150 Fang of Hatii
1,200 Ice Cubic

Cost: 160,000,000z

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