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Player versus Player (PvP) is a environment in which players can combat one another as opposed to Player versus Everything (PvE), where they can only compete against the game. Large-scale or group PvP environments can be found in War of Emperium, Battlegrounds, Faction War and Direct Assault.


Public PVP
Restricted PVP
Non-Trans PVP

PvP maps are accessible via the Teleport Girl. There are three styles of PvP play available:

  • Public PvP: All styles of play are acceptable.
  • Restricted PvP: Certain gears and consumables are forbidden. See Restricted WoE for the list.
  • Non-Trans PvP : Only classes that have not re-birthed may enter.

Maps are rotated monthly on a voting basis via the PvP Voting NPC.


  • 5 seconds of invulnerability upon spawning unless the player moves their character.
  • Player's rank is displayed in the lower right hand (i.e. 6/9: where 6 is the current rank in that map and 9 indicates the current number of people on that map). The goal is to kill numerous amounts of players while staying alive.
  • Death results in immediate respawn out of the PvP map
  • People within the top 10 rank of a map will have a graphic under their characters' feet.
  • All skills and items work in PvP maps except the usage of Fly Wings and Teleport.
  • Butterfly Wing and Warp Clips are disabled in PVP maps.