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Super Novice
Super Novice

Unlike the original Novice job which only has two active skills, First Aid and Play Dead, the Super Novice can use almost every skill available to First Class characters!

However, once you become a Super Novice, it will impossible to change your job again since the Super Novice is a unique, alternative class.

Job Information

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Super Novice Guides

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Job Change Quest

Super Novice Job Quest Guide to the Super Novice job change quest on Alternative to Job Changer.


Super Novice Skills Information about all Super Novice skills in's RO Skill Database.

Platinum Skills Quests



Super Novice does not currently possess its own Super Quest Item but under certain conditions, may equip other jobs' SQIs. These SQIs are Mastersmith's Mjolnir, Biochemist's Djinn, High Wizard's Staff of Magi, High Priest's Evangelist, and Gunslinger's Vesper Optics.

  • When soul linked Super Novices above Base Lv. 90 will temporarily be able to equip ALL upper/middle/lower headgears.
  • When soul linked Super Novices above Base Lv. 96 will temporarily be able to equip all Daggers, 1h Swords, Axes, Maces and Staves.
Item Mjolnir.gif Mjolnir [3]
Item2 Mjolnir.gif
Mjolnir [3]
A great hammer rumored to have been used by Thor, the god of thunder.
Enables use of Level 1 [Throw Tomahawk]
Add a 10% chance of causing Curse when using [Throw Tomahawk].
If base INT >= 20, Add a 20% chance of auto casting Level 5 [Lightning Strike of Destruction] when attacking.
Inflict 200% more damage with [Lightning Strike of Destruction].
If base INT < 20 and [Shattering Strike] = 0, add a 7% chance to cast [Shield Break] when attacking.
DEX + 30 , STR + 20
Weapon Class : Mace
Attack Strength : 250
Attribute : Wind
Weight : 600
Weapon lvl : 4
Required lvl : None
Available Job : Blacksmith, Whitesmith
Item Djinn.gif Djinn [3]
Item2 Djinn.gif
Djinn [3]
An axe imbued with the power of an earth dragon. Causes the earth itself to shake with each swing.
[Bio Cannibalize] will summon stronger monsters.
Inflict 20% more damage with [Mammonite].
STR + 20, DEX + 30.
Item Class : Axe
Attack Strength : 250
Attribute :Earth
Weight : 600
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Alchemist, Creator
Item Staff Of Magi.gif Staff Of Magi [3]
Item2 Staff Of Magi.gif
Staff Of Magi [3]
A staff with power sealed away by secret magics. Even the strongest of high wizards can only utilize a fraction of its great power.
Reduction from Ranged Attack + 10%
Chance of causing Stone Curse on target + 20%, Ignore Defense from all non Angel monsters.
INT + 20, DEX + 10, +15% MATK
Enable use of Level 5 [Blessing]
Item Class : Staff
Attack Strength : 200
Attribute :Fire
Weight : 50
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Wizard, High Wizard
Item Evangelist.gif Evangelist [3]
Item2 Evangelist.gif
Evangelist [3]
A weapon wielded only by Valhalla's chosen. This mace is strengthened by the priest's own faith and devotion.
Enable use of Level 10 [Frost Nova].
Enable use of Level 10 [Cold Bolt].
Enables use of Level 1 [Magic Crasher]
INT + 20, DEX + 20, +50% Chance to put Enemies to Sleep
Item Class : Mace
Attack Strength : 250
Attribute : Water
Weight : 150
Weapon Level : 4
Required Level : None
Applicable Jobs : Priest, High Priest
Item Vesper Optics.gif Vesper Optics [1]
Item2 Vesper Optics.gif
Vesper Optics [1]
Recovered Juperos technology and the greatest minds of Einbroch have come together to create this masterpiece of targeting
and accuracy.This ingenious piece of equipment can allow any Gunslinger to unleash his full potential.
DEX+ 20, MDEF+ 15.
Enables use of level 5 [Call Spirits] and level 1 [Body Relocation].
Increases attack speed by 33%.
Max HP + 20%. Reduce damage from all elements except neutral by 20%.
Immune to sleep.
Other : Account Bound (storage allowed but no drop/trade)
Adds a 30% chance to autocast level 5 [Call Spirits Sphere] while attaching.
Weapon Class : Mid Headgear
Defense : 5
Weight : 50
Available Job : Gunslinger

For additional information about obtaining SQIs, visit the Super Quest Item page.

Basic Builds


Leveling Areas

Map Name (in Teleport Service, if applicable)

Map Name(map_name00)
Target monsters: Monster A, Monster B (aggressive), Monster C, Monster D (looter)
Minimum level: 20

Equipment suggestions, strategies for the recommended targets, and other useful information about the map. (See Novice for reference.)

Player Guides

Super Novice Discussion Board Shortcut to the Super Novice discussion section of our forums.


Super Novice Guardian Angel
When a Super Novice levels up, he/she will see a special guardian angel who has a chance to bestow Kyrie Eleison, Magnificat, Gloria, Suffragium or Impositio Manus upon him/her.
Guardian Angel Chant (Fury Status)
(7 lines of whatever you want.)
Guardian Angel,can you hear my voice? ^^;
my name is player name,and i'm a Super Novice~
Please help me~T.T
(1 line of whatever you want.)

This chant will only work if your base experience % is a multiple of 10, such as 10.0%, 20.0%, 30.0%, and so on. Fury Status provides +50 Crit.

Super Novice Steel Body
If a Super Novice dies when its experience % is 99.9%, he or she will automatically resurrect in a Steel Body status.
Experience penalties upon death will still apply normally, so Super Novices cannot repeat this phenomenon indefinitely on an experience loss map.
Once a Super Novice reaches 99m exp past level 99, Steel Body is active each time they are killed. This cannot happen again until they relog however, due to not being able to gain another level at this point.
Super Novice Marriage Special
Super Novice Spirit
Question.gif Level 99, 0 deaths, erase death counter, etc.

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