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Uhm... this could get pretty big if we put all of the first class job quests here. Should we list the job change NPC first and put brief info for the job quests after it? I don't remember how easy the quests are to figure out just by talking to the NPCs, so I don't know if we need to explain much. Like, my interpretation:
• Your First Job

• Job Change NPC
(Info about job change NPC, platinum skills NPC--BUT WAIT, YOU WILL MISS OUT ON...!! Beginner Weapons!!!!)
• First Class quests
• Swordsman
(Info about Swordsman job change quest & platinum skills quest.)
• Magician
(Info about Magician job change quest & platinum skills quest.)
• Archer
etc, etc, etc?

And then I guess link to Taekwon/Ninja/Gunslinger/Super Novice pages for their sections? Would like second/third/fourth+ opinion... --Aena (talk) 00:35, 27 August 2013 (UTC)

Hello, Aena: I would say to try that for now. You may keep each first class section very simple to save time and room. They can be separated into their own page or pages once the rest of the wiki has received attention. Please let me know if you have any further questions. *Ai

If it were me, I'd just put a picture and brief of each 1st job class, instead of a section for each. People mainly choose their first class based on appearances anyway... hur :p It's pretty easy to figure out the rest.

This is the outline i'd imagined - for sharing creative juices only. you may take ideas or dismiss completely ./ok

  • Character creation interface
  • Brief on Novice Grounds
  • Getting to Payon Dungeon
    • Killing your first mobs with /nc (not clickclickclickclickclick)
    • Point towards Payon Dungeon Novice Bundle Quest before changing
  • Job Options brief (Further Reading: link to Job Class pages)
    • Base level vs Job level
    • Point towards Job Agency if they are bored with bashing mobs
    • Quick-changing vs Job-questing (Further Reading: Beginner Weapons)
  • Introducing yourself via @main (Further Reading: Commands) ... hopefully so someone can meet them in-game... since no ones in payon dungeon anymore <_<;
    • /organizing your first party.

ideas collapsed for unimportant (( Adellie (talk) 11:58, 27 August 2013 (UTC) ))

This page is out of date; stat selection no longer works like this. Plus the Novice page summerises most of the information you are considering adding here, as well as includes links to the pages of the 1st job classes; job change quests can also be found on those pages. (I’m slowly trying to make our own walkthroughs instead of linking to ratemyserver...) When I’m back on my computer I’ll tweek this page up to speed.
Edit: It's up to speed now, though it still seems messy. /hmm

-Shereky The Lazy Rogue