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This feature is not implemented on JellyRO.

TeamSpeak (commonly called 'TS') is an application that allows players to converse with each other over the Internet.

Installation and Connection

  1. Download the proper client for your operating system.
  2. Once installation is completely, run the program and select Connections.
  3. The server address is, your nickname is of your choosing, and password is not necessary.

Push to Talk

This is a requirement for all channels with the exception of Dungeon Diver channels, MVP Hunting channels, and Private Talk channels. The path to is as follows: Settings > Options > Capture > Push-to-Talk. You may also set and change your hotkey here.

User Channels

To create your own private channel, simply PM any online GMs you see on Teamspeak. Be prepared to provide the following information:

   *Name of the Channel.
   *Private or public, and if public, if you'd like a private sub-channel.
   *Permanent or temporary. Temporary channels will disappear once everyone is logged out.


See JellyRO Rules for TeamSpeak Etiquette.