War of Emperium

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War of Emperium (WoE) is a scheduled weekly event held across Rune-Midgard that challenges guilds to participate in massive battles with one another. Offensive teams aim to destroy a castle's Emperium while the defending guild protects. Those that own castles can gain treasures, benefits, and special advantages.


The player must be in a guild that possesses the Guild Approval skill to land any hits on the Emperium or castle guardians. Guild alliances cannot be formed or broken during WoE.


  • Flee is reduced by 20%.
  • Long range normal attacks are reduced by 25%.
  • Skill-based damage is reduced by 50%. (Pressure and Gravitation Field are exceptions.)
  • Traps last 4 times as long.
  • All knockback effects are disabled.
  • Equipment preventing skill interruption during casting (Phen Card and similar items) do not function. Cast interruption can only be avoided when you are protected by Devotion.
  • /noctrl does not work; players must hold down the mouse button for normal attacks.

When an Emperium breaks, whichever guild makes the final hit on the Emperium will then gain ownership of the castle. All other guilds will be forcibly ejected, and a global broadcast will be played to announce the new castle ownership. The new Emperium that spawns is is invulnerable to the defending guild and its allies. (Note that this does not include un-guilded/un-allied party members of the defending guild).

The Emperium is also unaffected by most active skills.

Disabled Skills

  • Skill Assumptio.gif Assumptio
  • Skill Basilica.gif Basilica
  • Skill Backslide.gif Backslide
  • Skill Cast-off Ciceda Shell.gif Cast-off Ciceda Shell *
  • Skill Plant Cultivation.gif Plant Cultivation
  • Skill Endure.gif Endure *
  • Skill Ice Wall.gif Ice Wall
  • Skill Moonlit Water Mill.gif Moonlit Water Mill
  • Skill Intimidate.gif Intimidate
  • Skill Shadow Jump.gif Shadow Jump *
  • Skill Teleport.gif Teleport
  • Skill Warp Portal.gif Warp Portal


  • Flags allow the defending guild to move quickly to the stronghold of their castle, or in WoE 2.0, other locations within the castle.
  • Guardians provide extra offense for the defending guild. They can be summoned by guilds with the skill Guardian Research.
  • Guild Dungeons house various monsters and MVP, some of which can't even be found on regular maps. All members of victorious guilds are able to access the guild dungeon for their castle's particular realm.
  • Treasure Rooms yielding various items are available to the castle's guild master. After each server midnight, 4 or more Treasure Chests will spawn in the treasure room, accessible only by the guild leader.
  • Economy determines the number of treasure boxes that appear based on the castle's economy. The items available in the castle's treasury depend on the castle itself.

The Butler

This special NPC is situated in each castle that allows the guild master to maintain the castle.

Invest in Commerce Development Invest to increase the castle's economy. Every 5 points on investment adds one new treasure box to the castle's master room. The type of treasure box alternates between the two available at that castle.
Invest in Defense Increase your castle's defense by investing in it. Each point of defense investment will improve the Guardian HP and Emperium HP by 1000, and also improve the defense and attack power of the guardians by an unknown amount.
Hire Guardians Hire a guardian to ease the task of guarding your guild's castle. The guild must have the Guardian Research Skill in order to do this.
Hire Kafra Employee You can hire/fire Kafra NPCs inside the castle. Through the employed Kafra NPC, guild members can use the Kafra storage free of charge. The guild must have the Contract with Kafra skill in order to do this.
Enter Master Room Enter the room where treasure boxes spawn.


There are different editions catering to different levels on different days for guilds to participate in.

First Edition

War of Emperium 1.0 includes the realms of Valkyrie, Greenwood, Britoniah, and Luina. The realms have several castles, but only one castle is active at any given WoE time, with the occasional rotation. Per the current schedule, there is one day designated for Non-trans, where oly characters who have not rebirthed may enter, and one day designated for Trans.

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Second Edition

War of Emperium 2.0 sees the addition of the two additional realms of Schwartzvald and Arunafeltz. The castles are designed to focus more on defense and thus are not divided into multiple "rooms". In lieu of portals, flags within the castle provide many more transport locations for the defending guild. In addition to the skill restrictions in WoE 1.0, High Jump is also disabled.

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Training Edition

The training edition of the War of Emperium system is a smaller, more restricted version of WoE for Transcendent Classes and below. WoE:TE recreates all 5 of the Valkyrie and Lunia realm castles called Gloria and Kafragarten. The entrance of WoE TE castle realms are located in Valkyrie (prt_gld 120, 153) and Lunia (alde_gld 225, 188). This has replaced the old Restricted WoE system.

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