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Adoption is a process by which married players can "have children."


  1. Parents get Married.
  2. Right-click adoptee and select "Adopt [Character Name]".
  3. Accept when prompted.


  • Players must be married.
  • Both parents and adoptee must be in the same party.
    • Parents must be Level 70+.
    • Parents must have their Wedding Ring equipped.
    • Adoptee must be a First Class Job or below.


  • Mom, Dad. I love you!
    • Effect: No EXP Loss for 2 minutes. Cost: 10% of MAX SP Amount
  • Mom, Dad. I Miss you!
    • Effect: Summon parents to the child's location.
  • Come to me, honey~.
    • Summons child to parent location.


  • Party share at any level as long as the Parents are both 70+.
  • The child is now Size Small.


"Safe Haven"

NPC Adoption.gif
Function Allows players to adopt, unadopt, or become adopted.
Location Prontera Church(prt_church) : 107, 98

Introduced in June 2015, Sister Bebel stands ready to offer protection to families and individuals in a crisis. Players can choose from the following options:

  • Unadopt a child for a fee of 500,000z.
Parents must both be present and in party unless divorced.
  • Adopt a baby character that does not have parents.
Parents must be married without a child.
Parents and child must be in party.
  • Transform into a child for a fee of 3,000,000z.
Player must be a First Class character.

NOTE: You must relog (or be disconnected) in order for changes to take effect.