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Automated Events are hosted by Draco and Drago in the Event Map, which can be found in the Special category at the Teleport Service NPC. These events are announced in chat, and Draco and Drago can help explain how their events work when asked. Each automated event will reward the winner(s) with Interesting Medals. They were introduced July 25, 2012.

Draco is a little friend to the staff and helps them host small events during the week, directly obeying any GMs' requests to host specific events; however, his cousin, Drago, is a completely different story. Drago is a bit unruly and has a mind of his own, so he decided to come help Draco host events, but on his OWN terms. Unlike Draco, Drago will start a random event of his choice at whatever time he wants. He's also a bit impatient, so he'll set a time limit for players to complete his event. If the event isn't completed successfully within that time limit, the event will time out and result in no rewards.

Warp Roulette

The Warp Roulette is a memory game! When this event begins, you must talk to the hosting Drago or Draco NPC in the Event Map to move down to the lower platform where several warp portals appear. You must guess the correct sequence of warp portals to win. Each correct guess will teleport you to the next map with a new set of warp portals. Every incorrect portal will warp you back to Prontera. Try to remember the correct combination of portals to receive your prize!

Scavenger Hunt

Once the Scavenger Hunt starts, you must talk to whichever dragon is hosting the event to receive a list of items. Whoever retrieves the requested set of items first wins!

Monster Invasion

Monster Invasion is one of three automated events that can take place in a random map. Once the monster invasion begins, one random map will spawn several portals that each spawn waves of invaders. The goal is to destroy all of the portals. Rewards go to the player who destroyed the most portals and the player who defeated the most monsters. Types of monster invasions include Dragon, Goblin Family, Insect, Kobold, Muka, Orc, Poring Family, Reptile, Robot, and Zombie Invasions.

Odd Monster Out

A group of monsters will spawn on a map of either Drago or Draco's choosing. The objective is to go to that map and kill the one monster whose name is not spelled the same. Be careful! If you kill the incorrect monster, you will be warped out of the map.


Drago and Draco have decided that giving out Interesting Medals from their hometown of Hugel would be most appropriate. These medals can be exchanged with Wayne, Ei'felle, and Byron .