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Beach Volleyball Info on Beacon Island

Beach Volleyball is a minigame that was introduced on August 03, 2012.

It's hot. The sun is shining. You visit the beach with your friends. What are you going to do?

Play a match of Beach Volleyball, of course!

How to Join

Talk to Beach Volleball Info (cmd_fild07 256,112) west of the Beacon Island warp point to view the rules in-game.

  • You must be Base Level 30+ to play Beach Volleyball.
  • Enter either the Team Smokie or Team Dokebi chatroom to join a game.
  • The game will automatically start when both chatrooms are full and there are no characters currently playing a match. 1000z will be deducted from each player.

How to Play

Win a volleyball match by having the least penalty points

Your goal is to have fewer Penalty Points than the other team by the end of the 5 minute match.

The Beach Volleyball Score (cmd_fild07 231,96) NPCs on either side of the volleyball court display each team's Penalty Points.

Penalty Points

1 pts A team member hits the ball. (Don't hit the ball too often.)
2 pts If the ball remains on the net for more than 10 seconds, the last team that touched the ball will receive penalties.
5 pts A team fails to return the ball from their side of the field within 10 seconds.
20 pts The ball hits the backline of a team's court. This can happen if you bump your ball in the wrong direction or if the opposing team lands a critical strike.


Each player on the winning team is rewarded with a Beach Volleyball Bag. During summertime, players will usually have the opportunity to win the Beach Treasure Chest.

Item Beach Volleyball Bag.gif Beach Volleyball Bag
Star Account-Bound.png
Type Miscellaneous Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 0
Description A cute bag full of sea shells and other stuff that you can find on the beach.

[ Beach Volleyball Reward ]
Upon opening, there is a chance to be transformed into a random maritime monster with special properties. Account-bound item.

Item Beach Treasure Chest.gif Beach Treasure Chest
Star Soul-Bound.png
Type Miscellaneous Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 0
Description A treasure chest that was found on the beach! It contains rare items.

[ Special Beach Volleyball Reward ]
Upon opening, there is a chance to acquire the following rare items:

Banana Hat
Carmen Miranda's Hat
Crown Parrots [1]
Nipper Crab Hairpin
Red Scuba Mask [1] (Custom)
Scuba Gear
Toucan Hat [1]
Marc Pet Tame (Custom)

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