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The Blacksmith, searching for ores and minerals and carefully refining them to make weapons, has taken completeness as a principle in making these weapons and built a reputation of trust upon it. After reading the notice recruiting adventurers by King Tristan III, believing his/her weapons will help and to heighten his/her reputation as a Blacksmith, he/she decides to join the world of adventure and while engaged in battles, gathers materials to make more weapons.
Thinking half-quality weapons are useless, he/she turns them into scrap iron on the spot. Such commitment is the main reason others have confidence in his/her work and may be what saved his/her life in battle.

A transcended Blacksmith can become a;
mastersmithm.png mastersmithf.png
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Item Mjolnir.gif Mjolnir [3]

A great hammer rumored to have been used by Thor, the god of thunder.

Enables use of Level 1 [Throw Tomahawk]
Add a 10% chance of causing Curse when using [Throw Tomahawk].
If base INT >= 20, Add a 20% chance of auto casting Level 5 [Lightning Strike of Destruction] when attacking.
Inflict 200% more damage with [Lightning Strike of Destruction].
If base INT < 20 and [Shattering Strike] = 0, add a 7% chance to cast [Shield Break] when attacking.
DEX + 30 , STR + 10

Weapon Class: Mace
Slots: 3
Attack Strength: 250
Attribute: Wind
Weight: 600
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: None
Applicable Jobs: Blacksmith, Whitesmith


1 Golden Mace
1 Iron Driver
200 Rough Wind
1000 Elder Pixie Mustache
1 Golem Card

Cost: 150,000,000z

For additional information about obtaining SQIs, visit the Super Quest Item page.

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