Byalan Island

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Byalan Island is a small island that looks like a skull from above. It houses the entrance to ruins of an unknown undersea kingdom that lies beneath the island, protected by fierce and hostile inhabitants.

Adventurers can reach it by utilizing a ship stationed in Izlude and Alberta or straight into the dungeon via Teleport Service.

Celinia Anakan & the Alchemists

Upon docking, visitors can meet with Celinia Anaken, the lead researcher for a team of alchemists from Hugel. They require help gathering ingredients for their projects and are offering a reward for assistance. This quest is designed for low to mid level players and is repeatable.

Izlu2dun-1.PNG Izlu2dun-2.PNG Izlu2dun-3.PNG Izlu2dun-4.PNG

The Undersea Tunnel

The tunnels go down six levels, and are home to water property monsters that range from low to mid levels. The final level is home to the Kraken MVP and requires the player to fulfill Drake's Treasure Quest in order to gain access.

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Drake's Treasure Quote from:

Drake's Treasure + Release the Kraken!
Drake has hidden his treasure map pieces all over the Ragnarok world! Speak to the Treasure Hunter NPC located outside Drake's ship in Treasure Island to start the quest and gain clues as to where each map piece is located in, but beware, Drake's spirit will forever guard each piece! Talk to the Treasure Hunter NPC if you need to read the next clue again.