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Type Details How to name the file
Item Sprite 24x24 Item <ITEMNAME>.gif
Item Illustration 75x100 Item2 <ITEMNAME>.gif
NPC Sprite size varies, any front orientation NPC <NPCNAME>.gif
Map Topview 205x205 (modified size by rms) Map <MAPNAME>.gif
Map Topview size varies - large Map2 <MAPNAME>.gif
Mob Sprite size varies Mob <MOBNAME>.gif
Skill Icon 24x24 Skill <SKILLNAME>.gif
  • ITEMNAME: As it appears in-game, without slots
    • Add recognizable identifiers in parentheses if necessary.
    • If there are still two or more items with the same ITEMNAME, then add the item id in parentheses at the very end.
    • "Card.gif" and "None.gif" are exceptions.
  • NPCNAME: As it appears in-game.
  • MAPNAME: As it appears when you type /where
  • MOBNAME: As it appears in-game when spawned naturally
    • Add recognizable identifiers in parentheses if necessary.
  • SKILLNAME: As it appears in-game.
    • If it does not appear ingame, see RMS, then iROWiki for the next best name.

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