Coke Machine

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Coke Machine
NPC Coke Machine.gif
Function Trades items for ingredients
Location Veins(veins) : 220, 170

Coke Machine is a custom NPC that trades 30 Cogwheel and 50 Rusty Screw for a random headgear or consumable item. This quest is not repeatable.

Possible Rewards

Item Nestea Hat.gif Nestea Hat
Item Coca Cola Can Hat.gif Coca Cola Can Hat
Item Fanta Grape Can Hat.gif Fanta Grape Can Hat
Item Fanta Orange Can Hat.gif Fanta Orange Can Hat
Item Fanta Zero Lemon Hat.gif Fanta Zero Lemon Hat
Item Can Hat.gif Can Hat
Item Crushed Can.gif Crushed Can
Item Red Can.gif Red Can
Item Fanta Grape.gif Fanta Grape
Item Fanta Orange.gif Fanta Orange
Item Fanta Zero Lemon.gif Fanta Zero Lemon
Item Coca Cola.gif Coca Cola
Item Coca Cola Zero.gif Coca Cola Zero
Item Diet Coca Cola.gif Diet Coca Cola