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Costumes are special gear items that can only be equipped onto the Costume tab of a character's equipment window. Costumes override the display of equipped gear, allowing players to customize the look of their characters without sacrificing good effects from otherwise ugly gear.

As of August 2016, they can only be obtainable via Offical Events or in Auro Shop.

A current list available costumes can be found on the Item Database:

Newly added costumes can sometimes also be found listed in the Server Changelog.

Costume Enchants

This quest or feature is part of a future update and has not yet been added to JellyRO.
All details are currently pending.

"Faux" Costumes

Specialty items such as Lord Kaho's Horn, Valkyrie's Helm, and Pussy Cat Bell can be customized to a permanent, custom sprite for a fee of 500 Auro. The player has the ability to view the headgear before final purchase.

Players with original or customized Kaho/PCB sprites can change to other existing customized sprites via NPCs located in north Alberta. Otherwise, a Custom Kaho Voucher or a Custom PCB Voucher can be purchased in the Auro Shop in order to trade. PCB can also be changed be Gwendolyn. Valkyrie's Helm is an SQI item and therefore must be made in its original form in the SQI Arena before it can be customized.

A current list existing customs can be found on the Item Database:

For all other changes, see current service fees.