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* '''Cool Down''': 0.5 sec
* '''Cool Down''': 0.5 sec
| Prerequisites=
| Prerequisites=
([[Thief]]) Envenom 10, Detoxify 1, Enchant Poison 5
([[Thief]]) Envenom 10, Detoxify 1, ([[Assassin]]) Enchant Poison 5

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Skill Create Deadly Poison.gif Create Deadly Poison
  • Max Level: 1
  • Type: Active
  • SP Cost: 50
  • Target: Self
  • Cast Time: Instant
  • Cool Down: 0.5 sec

(Thief) Envenom 10, Detoxify 1, (Assassin) Enchant Poison 5

Create Deadly Poison is an Assassin Cross skill.


Creates a deadly potion that can be drunk by the assassin or used for the Enchant Deadly Poison skill.

DEX and LUK will help you successfully create this item (with DEX having twice as much effect compared to LUK), and upon failure, it reduces your HP by 25% of your Maximum HP (yes, you can die from this).

If an Assassin Cross drinks this item, he will be poisoned, but his ASPD will increase. If any other character drinks this item, he/she will die on the spot.



Success Rate = Base Rate + [ (Base Rate * DEX/50) + (Base Rate * LUK/100) ]
*Base Rate is 20%.

Simplified: Success Rate = 20 + (0.4 DEX) + (0.2 LUK)



Result Ingredients
Item Poison Bottle.gif Poison Bottle 1 Venom Canine, 1 Cactus Needle, 1 Bee Sting, 1 Poison Spore, 1 Berserk Potion, 1 Empty Bottle

Ingredients as listed in in-game description:

 "- Venom Canine (aka Poison Needle) (dropped by Anacondaq, Side Winder, Snake)",
 "- Cactus Needle (dropped by Muka)",
 "- Bee Sting (dropped by Hornet)",
 "- Poison Spore (dropped by Poison Spore, Black Mushroom, Spore)",
 "- Karvodailnirol (dropped by Red Mushroom, Poison Spore)",
 "- Berserk Potion (sold in shop)",
 "- Empty Bottle (dropped by Goat, Muka, Roda Frog, Ant Egg, Peco Peco Egg, Drops, Poring, Plankton...)",