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== Related Quests ==
== Related Quests ==
[[Biolabs F4 Quick Access]]
[[Biolabs F4 Quick Access]]
[[Biolabs Entrance Quest]]
[[Category: Entrance Quests]]
[[Category: Entrance Quests]]
[[Category: Lighthalzen]]
[[Category: Lighthalzen]]

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The Dangerous Rumors Quest (Biolabs 4 Entrance Quest, Somatology Laboratory F4 Entrance Quest) is required to enter the fourth floor of Biolabs. This quest requires combat; a party is recommended but not required.

Biolabs 4 Warp.jpg SMap lhz dun04.gif

You will also need to have completed the following quests in order to proceed with this quest:

Quest Steps

  1. Talk to Jerome Jameson (lighthalzen 303, 304).
  2. Enter the portal in the bottom right corner of Biolabs F3. Talk to the Researcher (que_lhz 207, 75).
    Note: You may not be able to enter the quest map if there are already users engaging with the NPCs inside.
  3. Talk to the Researcher (que_lhz 94,119) again.
  4. Find and talk to the Researcher (que_lhz 147, 224) again. Defeat the 8 Awake Specimen (Chen) that spawn around you to continue.
  5. When you hear the whisper of a man announcing to the map that he does not want to die, go north to prompt dialogue (que_lhz 147,248).
    Note: This NPC may not work as intended if multiple users have triggered the monster spawn.
  6. Talk to Researcher Wolfchev.
  7. Return north to where you heard the hidden NPC. This time, you will be warped to the actual dungeon.
  8. Talk to Wolfchev here one last time to complete the quest.

Related Quests

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