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NPC Flanring.gif
Function Special Rewards
Location Prontera(prontera) : 123, 209
"Thank you for staying with us!"

Flanring is a custom NPC, much like the JellyRO Reward Pouring, used for special occasions.

It was first launched in October or 2016 to reward goodie bags for players that continued to play during the transitional stage of AnesisRO to JellyRO.

The player had the option of choosing between 3 bags:

Item2 White Goodie Bag.png White Goodie Bag Item2 Red Goodie Bag.png Red Goodie Bag Item2 Green Goodie Bag.png Green Goodie Bag

The bags each have 3x Party Assumptio 5 Scroll, Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll, Party Blessing 10 Scroll and a different special equip:

Item2 Twitching Ears.png Twitching Ears Item2 Crimson Booster.png Crimson Booster Item2 Loyalty Backpack.png Loyalty Backpack

The NPC is currently being used as of June 2017 to trade Ace of Spades, Charmer's Rose, Geek's Pencil, Scroll of Ancient Art, Wicked Scarf, and Healthy Toast for the following rates: