How to win at Beach Volleyball

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The following guide was created by rolover on August 2012

Since a lot of people are just randomly kicking the ball around, I thought I start a guide here.
Disclaimer: I am in no way the most pro at Beach Volleyball myself but there are certainly already strategies that I see people should be using!

First, lets start with the rules!
Spoiler for Rules:

You have to pay a participation fee of 1000z to play a match. Players lower than level 30 are not able to participate!

The game is pretty simple. There are two teams, and one ball. Missing image link removed.
You can hit the ball, and depending on your distance to it, it will fly for a certain amount of cells.

When you stand 1 cell away from the ball, it won't fly as far as when you stand 3 cells away.

You can't hit the ball when you're more than 3 cells away.

There is a chance for a "power hit" when standing 3 cells away.

Next are the power-ups! Looking like warp portals, power-ups will appear from time to time on the playing field. Move through them to get a buff...or a curse. So be careful when touching one of those.

At last: How to win!
The team with the fewest points wins. Points are actually penalty points here, and you get them for something that you should NOT do (like kick the ball /troll).

A team gets 1 point if one of their members hits the ball. So it's advisable not to hit the ball too often! There will be 5 points for every 10 seconds for the team on the field where the ball currently is, without being hit. So don't let it just lay there!

If the ball is on the net, the last team that touched the ball will get 2 points every ten seconds if nobody hits the ball. So better get it down from there!

You can give your enemy team a huge amount of points by hitting the ball so hard that it flies through the whole field to their back line. By doing that, the enemy team will get 20 points!

Be careful, though. If you accidentally hit the ball so it flies to your own back line, you will get 20 points.

Additional hints!
You can't hit the ball when it's on the other side...unless it's on a cell directly next to the net. If you can hit it at that position, you're easily able to give your enemy a fat 20 points!

The winning team gets items that make you transform into a maritime creature with special properties! Additionally, as a special offer, each winning player will get a treasure chest containing a random rare item, up to 3 times per character per day! (only available from Aug.3 to Aug.6, 2012)
List of Rare Items:

Spoiler for Red Scuba Mask:

A red scuba mask meant for divers. It's the deluxe version of the normal green one, and quite rare.
HP + 500, AGI + 2
Resistance against Water Property by 20%
Class: Headgear
Defense: 0
Equipped on: Mid
Weight: 10
Applicable Job: Every Job

Quote from: GM Fidelis on August 06, 2012, 04:45:13 AM

Since it's Monday, the special prizes have been disabled now! I hope everyone got a nice reward. Thanks for participating! The disguise items can still be won, of course.

As for using multiple clients now: Should you be caught using multiple clients to participate in a match, you will be muted/kicked from the match/your prizes will be removed, depending on the severeness. Again, please be fair and let others play. There's no point in just playing for the prizes, it's all about fun!

However, people with the same IP range are still allowed to play in the same game!

Spoiler for FAQ:

Q: How many times can you play per day?
A: As many times as you want!
Q: Can you use skills while playing?
A: No you can't, wearing summer suits will automatically disable your skill usage (confirm?)
Q: What happens when you DC or log out?
A: You will be kicked out of the court, and your team will play on until the game is over. Note that if you stay on the same map, you may still be affected by the buffs and curses that occur during the game!
Q: Does the ball always go the same distance?
No! While you can generally control how far it goes by hitting it from a certain distance, it is not always guaranteed that it will go as far as you think.
Q: Will my gears help?
Movement gears do still apply while you're in the game, so having Sakura Promise, or a pair of Sleipnir will definitely help you in the game!
Q: What happens if you tie?
It will count as a loss for both teams!

List of Buffs/Curses (incomplete) Spoiler for List of Buffs/Curses:


  • Speed up yourself
  • Speed up your entire team
  • Curse the opposing team
  • Blind and confuse the opposing team
  • Slow down the opposing team
  • Stone curse the opposing team


  • Slow down yourself
  • Stone curse yourself
  • Blind and confuse yourself
  • Reset your entire team's positions

Ball Buffs/Curses

  • Make the ball go farther (agi up)
  • Make the ball go closer (agi down)

NOTE: the ball reset's its buffs after a certain period (status recovery)

NOTE: People from outside the court can still cast skills to aid those inside! Such aids can be blessing to get rid of curse or cure your blind and confusion!! Party buffs such as Wind Walk can also be used!

Costumes and Special Properties (incomplete)
Spoiler for Costumes and Special Properties:

Costume 1: Obeaune
Mob Obeaune.gif

  • Increase all heal by 50%

Costume 2: Fur Seal
Mob Fur Seal.gif

  • +? Str

Costume 3: Merman
Mob Merman.gif

Costume 4: Vadon
Mob Vadon.gif

Costume 5: Galapago
Mob Galapago.gif

Costume 6: Hydra
Mob Hydra.gif

  • +? Crit

Costume 7: Cornutus
Mob Cornutus.gif

Costume 8: Swordfish
Mob Swordfish.gif

Costume 9: Alligator
Mob Alligator.gif

Costume 10: Marc
Mob Marc.gif

  • +30%? FLEE
  • +1% ASPD

crab +1 str 30 mins

Strategy 1: Serving
Spoiler for Strategy 1: Serving:

Much like real beach volleyball, every game begins with a serve.
The ball starts 6 cells away from the net, which is sufficiently far that it will be difficult to score from. Here's where you can choose 1 of 3 methods.

1. Serving 3 cells back
While it is difficult to score right from the serve, it is not impossible, and this can give your opponents some quick points.
This method of serving is also fairly safe as it generally sends the ball about 10+ (sometimes only up to the net) cells forward, making it hard for your opponents to score right away. But again, it is not impossible for them to score off of your serve either!

2. Setting up your teammates
While real beach volleyball requires your serve to go over the net, the RO version doesn't have that restriction. Since it is difficult to score from the serving spot, you may choose to set it up so that your teammates can score off of your serve. Keep in mind that your team can hit the ball all the way up to 1 cell past the net!
Serving 2 cells back from the ball will advance it by 4+ cells, this should still allow your teammates to hit the ball, and now its much closer to the net. Doing this can greatly increase your chances of scoring, BUT it comes at a cost. If your opponents are ready to receive your serve, they can also take advantage of the ball being close to the net, and score on you instead!

3. Setting yourself up
You can also choose to serve 1 cell away from the ball, this will advance it by 2+ cells, allowing you to have a quick followup shot that is slightly closer to the net. This method has less risk than method 2, but does not guarantee that the ball will be out of reach of your opponents. The advantage of method 2 is that having your teammates do the followup will be much faster than doing it yourself!

NOTE: When the ball is adjacent to the net on the opposing side, the net will count as 2 cells! So you have to be right up against the net to even hit the ball, but it will be a guarantee 3 cell shot!

Strategy 2: Setting
Spoiler for Strategy 2: Setting:

This strategy is similar to serving the ball. Keep in mind that the farther back the ball is from the net, the harder it is for you to score on your opponent. In that sense, you might want to consider passing the ball up the court before smashing it over.
Some may think you're a nub for hitting it multiple times, but comparing the 1 extra point your team gets for hitting it twice, you have a much greater chance at giving your opponents 20 points! So it is definitely worth while. Also keep in mind that this has the same risks as serving.
Optional: Laugh at those who called you a nub when you score (don't actually do it...)

Strategy 3: Aiming
Spoiler for Strategy 3: Aiming:

The ball can travel in several directions, and aiming your hits will give you an advantage! Aiming is fairly intuitive, it works much like Running or High Jump on a Taekwon, where the direction you face the ball is the direction the ball will fly! The ball can go in the straight or diagonal positions, but can also be somewhere in between.
NOTE: Diagonal shots will NOT travel the same horizontal distance as a horizontal shot.
NOTE2: If the ball hits the fence, it will travel along the fence, but sometimes it will bounce off to the same distance as it was before the hit.
CAUTION! The direction is not always accurate to your position! The only way to make sure it is is to walk in a straight line to where you want the ball to go for more than 2 cells.

There are a few things you can do with aiming the ball,

1. Confuse your opponents
Some teams will flock to the ball rather than spreading out on the court. So if you aim the ball to where no one is standing, the opposing team might not realize that the ball is on their side! Combine this with a team curse and you might just give them 5 points!

2. Less risk for set up
If you set up your teammates where the opposing team is absent, there will be less risk for the opposing team to use your set up against you!

If you're really good at it, and with a bit of luck, you can send the ball straight under another person's character. This may go unnoticed for quite a while if they're not actively moving.

Strategy 4: CALM DOWN!!
Spoiler for Strategy 4: CALM DOWN!!:

The worst thing you can do is rush to get the ball across! This can result in accidents like scoring on yourself. You have 10 seconds to HIT the ball. Stop doing what you're doing right now and count 10 seconds, its pretty long right? Considering the pace of the game. The only time you ever have to worry about rushing to the ball is when your team gets cursed and the ball hasn't been hit for a while. Otherwise, you should take this time to carefully plan how you're going to score!

Strategy 5: Stalling
Spoiler for Strategy 5: Stalling:

If your scores are really close, and its near the end of the game, this is a strategy you can choose to employ.
While I would think that this would be frowned upon, it is for now something that can guarantee you a win with a close game.
This strategy is simple, if the game is almost ending, and your team is leading by 5-10 points, you may wish to keep the ball on your side of the court. Your team only gets 5 points if the ball goes 10 seconds without being HIT! So you can either pass between your team members, or kick it against the side walls every 8 or 9 seconds. So if you're leading by 5 points, you can stall up to 45 seconds!

Strategy 6: Teamwork
Spoiler for Strategy 6: Teamwork:

This really shouldn't be a strategy, but it needs to be here anyway. Keep in mind that this will be harder to do with strangers unless they all understand the mechanics of the game well, and you may want to form a permanent team with people you know or meet.

1. Team Formation
This one is simple, much like real volleyball, you want to have a formation that covers the court evenly and have specific people do specific things. A strategy you can consider is having 1 person on net, and the other 2 each cover half the field. Also considering having someone far back from the net to block net shots from the other team!

Strategy 7: Blocking (Confirmed by Fidelis!)
Spoiler for Strategy 7: Blocking:

Quote from: GM Fidelis on August 05, 2012, 06:04:55 AM

Surely it is about luck, but that doesn't seem to be a bug, but rather no one that "defended". You can "catch" a long distance ball (power shot or normal 3 cell shot) by standing away at least 7 cells from where the ball is shot. If you're less than 7 cells away from the ball, it will fly over you. As for a diagonal ball touching the lines, you can defend it by simply standing on the lines. That's as much as I'm going to tell. :P

NOTE: Blocking works with teammates as well! This can work as a pass but will be difficult to aim! With that said, better move out of the way when your teammates are trying a power shot!

Strategy 8: Feinting
Spoiler for Strategy 8: Feinting:

Since blocking is a thing, this will also become a strategy. Since the opponent can block a ball by standing in the way of its trajected path, you would also want to be tricky with picking the path of the ball when striking it. This can be done by yourself or with a teammate.

1. By yourself
Simply move up and down from the 3 cell range and picking a time when you think the opponent won't be blocking. If you pick an unpredictable movement pattern it will be harder for your opponents to block you, but make sure you don't take too long or the opposing team might catch on and have more people try to block you.

2. With teammates
Have 2 people do the same thing that 1 person does, and kick when either member feels the time is right. This adds a little more complexity to defending as now there are double the number of possible paths. Try not to pick a similar pattern to your teammate though!