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NPC Jason.gif
Function Quest NPC
Location Archer Village(pay_arche) : 43, 126

Jason is a custom quest NPC located near the entrance of Payon Dungeon. He stands on a ledge to watch over new Novice arrivals.

In order to start his quest, you must have changed to a first class job.

Quest: Investigate Disappearance

Investigate the disappearance of an adventurer in Payon Cave floor 2. If you are below base level 45, you should ask a Payon Hunter for help.

Find the missing person!
1 Butterfly Wing
Rewarded so players can teleport out of the dungeon once the quest objective has been met.
Question.gif Experience
15000 Zeny
Item Academy Badge.gif Academy Badge [0]
Item2 Academy Badge.gif
Academy Badge [0]
A badge that is awarded to promising individuals. If the base level is less than or equal to 79, +440 MHP, +200 MSP.

Warning: If you have too many items when you turn in this quest, you will not receive your rewards.

Payon Hunters

There are 3 Payon Hunters to the east, not to be confused with the two Payon Protectors just inside the dungeon. Simply approach one of them and he or she will ask you if something's up. Tell the Hunter about Jason's job and he/she will accompany you for 30 minutes as an escort. If you stray too far from your objective, the Payon Hunter will ask you to recruit him/her another time and will teleport away.

Payon Hunters will occasionally heal you when your health is low, cast Skill Blessing.gif Blessing, and automatically attack any aggressive monsters in your vicinity. They will also help attack any other monsters you choose to attack and will follow you if you teleport.

Once you find the adventurer in Payon Cave F2(pay_dun01) : 200, 45, the Hunter will leave.