Job Agency

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Job Agency
NPC Job Agency.gif
Function Quest NPC
Daily quests for rewards.
Location Archer Village(pay_arche) : 48,145

"Hello, prospective employee! Would you like a job?"

Job Agency is a Custom Quest NPC who is looking for employees to sign up for labor. The player can obtain one of three random quests and there is a 12 hour cooldown.


Hunter Orion

He's out to hunt all kinds of monsters in the Ragnarok world and needs your help!

  • From level 1 to 30, all classes will be able to obtain any monster.
  • From level 31 to 60, any Acolyte, Priest, Monk, High Priest, and Champions will be restricted to undead mobs.
  • From level 61 to 99, all Priests and High Priests will be restricted to undead mobs.

Fisherman Ernest

This sly fisherman is looking for Blue Fish and is paying well if you can bring him some.

Manager Brian

The restaurant is under attack and he needs your help to contain the Mobsters inside!


Players can select one of the following rewards upon completion of the job.

  • Base EXP (10-50% depending on level)
  • Job EXP (10-50% depending on level)
  • Daily Token (1-3 depending on repetition)

Vending Machine

The Vending Machine is located next to the Job Agency. Players can turn in their Daily Token in exchange for rewards. Possible rewards (quantities Question.gif):

Related NPCs

Job Leaderboard

The Job Leaderboard is located at pay_arche 58,147. It displays the top ten players who have completed the most jobs to acquire the most points.