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Under the instructions of the King, he/she has devoted to live as a Knight serving the King. He/She has the ability to move very quickly riding a PecoPeco. Having greater strength and the ability to attack than a Swordsman, he/she points his/her weapon at those who endanger the weak and the King.

The ability to move quickly, combined with a variety of different physical attacks puts fear into all enemies.

A transcended Knight can become a;
lordknightm.png lordknightf.png
Lord Knight
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Item Nibelungen.gif Nibelungen [3]

A spear used by Odin's battle maidens to purify weird souls. The demons slain by this lance give it tremendous power.

Enables use of Level 4 [Warm Wind].
STR + 20, HIT + 30

Item Class: Spear
Slots: 3
Attack Strength: 200
Attribute: Neutral
Weight: 500
Weapon Level: 4
Required Level: None
Applicable Jobs: Knight, Lord Knight


1 Tirfing Sword
1 Gungnir
1 Longinus's Spear
1 Lance [1]
1 Bathory Card
2 Loki's Whispers
1,000 Evil Horn

Cost: 140,000,000z

For Knight, Nibelungen still takes advantage of the spear-related skill tree. Although Knights have not yet learned the devastating Spiral Pierce technique, the elemental advantages and strength bonus from this weapon still make them quite formidable.

For additional information about obtaining SQIs (Super Quest Items), visit the SQI page.

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