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Malangdo Culverts is a dungeon instance located in Malangdo. It has been invaded by "Seafood" and requires constant maintenance.

Players must "have protection" first in order to enter this instance. Seagod Protection can be purchased from the Auro Shop.

  • The instance has a 1 hour time limit and will automatically close if all party members leave the instance for more than 5 minutes.
  • There is a Level 90 restriction for this instance.

Quest Steps

  1. Talk to Missing {/navi mal_in01 160/34).
  2. Talk to Albo to add-on daily and weekly quests.
  3. Choose "I'm pretty good at delivering bread." for Easy Mode, or choose "I know how to fight." for Hard Mode.
  4. Clear out Hydras.
  5. Make sure party members know what the drains look like.
  6. Talk to Missing again to start cleaning.
  7. Find the active drain; it will be surrounded by aggressive fish.
  8. Kill the monsters as quickly as possible while one player talks to the drain.
  9. If you are interrupted/fail to complete the drain in the time limit, a "Contaminated Stem" will spawn.
    • The party fails and must start over if there are six Contaminated Spawn.
  10. This process will repeat anywhere from 8-10 times, more for Hard Mode.
  11. Kill the Ceolacanth that spawns afterwards. Odd/Glommy Ceolacanth for Easy Mode and Cruel/Mutant Ceolacanth for Hard Mode.
  12. Pick up all the additional prizes scattered after MVP kill.
  13. Exit warp and talk to Madeca next to Albo to claim daily/weekly quest rewards.


The following mechanics are in effect inside the instance:


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Easy Mode

  • Malang SP Can (lots)
  • Poor Coin Bag
  • Normal Coin Bag
  • EGrade thru AGrade Pocket

Glommy Ceolacanth drops:

  • Poor Coin Bag
  • Normal Coin Bag
  • Several Pockets

Hard Mode

  • Poor Coin Bag
  • Normal Coin Bag
  • EGrade thru AGrade Pocket

Mutant Ceolacanth drops:

  • 2x Seagod's Anger (not 100%)
  • 2x High Weapon Box (not 100%)
  • Shabby Coin Bag (appears to be 100% - drops junk though)
  • Other pockets and coin bags