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Always on the lookout for profit, Merchants are economic experts who try to get the most out of every last zeny. Merchants are also handy with items, being able to carry far more than other classes. Although a Merchant is bound to feel more at home in the marketplace, they can still hold their own in battle.

As a 2nd Job Class of the Merchant Branch, merchants can become a;
blacksmithm.png blacksmithf.png or alchemistm.png alchemistf.png
Blacksmith Alchemist
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Job Change Quest

In order to begin this quest, you must be a Novice at Job Level 10

Getting Started


To reach the Merchants Guild, walk to the bottom left corner of Alberta. Inside the building, talk to Chief Mahnsoo behind the counter to begin. He will ask for 1000z, and give you the option to either pay the whole amount up front, or pay 500z now, and 500z upon receiving your merchant licence.

Warehouse Package

Once you have paid your fee to Chief Mahnsoo, he will give you a Serial Number. Remember this number.
After getting the Serial Number from Chief Mahnsoo, go into the warehouse by using the warp portal on Chief Mahnsoo's right. (The side with all the crates.)
Inside, speak to Union Member Kay and he will give you a list of destinations. Select the correct destination, then enter your Serial Number into the widow box when prompted. Note: If you enter the incorrect Serial Number you will still get a 1081.pngDelivery Box.
If you have forgotten your Serial Number, or where Chief Mahnsoo told you to take the package simply talk to Chief Mahnsoo again and he will tell you.

Serial Numbers and Destinations

If you mess up your delivery, return to Union Member Kay in the Merchant's Guild Warehouse, and he will cancel your record, and you can try again.


Learn about Merchant Skills.

Platinum Skills Quests



Upon completing the Merchant Job Change Quest, you will receive a 19081.pngBeginner's Axe.
For additional information, visit the Beginner's Weapons page.

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