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Monsters (or Mobs) are Non-Playable Characters (NPCS) that players can kill in order to gain experience and items. Each monster has its own behavior AI and speech pattern. Each monster has a type, an element, a size and a race, which the player can use to gain various advantages over by using the proper equipment, skills, and items.



  • MVP: This monster is usually stronger and summon slaves.
  • Looter: This monster will take items on the ground. When it is killed, the looted item will be dropped.
  • Assist: This monster will assist other monsters of its kind by attacking the person the others are already attacking.
  • Aggressive: This monster will begin to attack people once they are in its range of sight.
  • Changes Target: This monster will change its current target under certain conditions.
  • Cast Sensor: This monster will immediately target a player who is casting a skill on it.
  • Detector: This monster can still attack people who are hidden using Hiding, Cloaking, and Stalk.
  • Immovable: This monster cannot move unless it is forced to move by a skill (e.g. Jupitel Thunder).
  • Non-attacker: This monster does not attack.


  • DemiHuman: Usually, notably, humanoid in appearance or behavior. Includes Player characters.
  • Brute: Usually, notably, animalistic in appearance or behavior.
  • Insect: Usually, notably, bug-like in appearance or behavior.
  • Fish: Water element creatures who mostly reside in water themed fields or dungeons.
  • Dragon: Usually, notably, reptile-like in appearance or behavior.
  • Plant: Garden and woodland variety creatures.
  • Formless: Creatures hard to categorize into other races, or have no form.
  • Angel: A rare race that are mostly Minibosses with notable angel wings.
  • Demon: Usually, notably, demonic in appearance or behavior.
  • Undead: Creatures associated with the dead.


  • Neutral: The basic elemental property, a large portion monsters are Neutral property. Neutral has no elemental weakness and resists the Ghost property, which also resists the Neutral property.
  • Water: Water is the opposite of Wind. The Water property is the strongest against the Fire property, and the weakest to the Wind property.
  • Earth: Earth is the opposite of Fire. The Earth property is the strongest against the Wind property, and the weakest to the Fire property.
  • Fire: Fire is the opposite of Earth. The Fire property is very strong against the Undead property, is the strongest against the Earth property, and the weakest to the Water property.
  • Wind: Wind is the opposite of Water. The Wind property is the strongest against the Water property, and the weakest against the Earth property.
  • Poison: Poison property is slightly strong against the low level Fire, Wind and Earth properties, and is slightly weak to the Holy property.
  • Holy: Holy is the opposite of Shadow. The Holy property resists many properties, is weak to the Shadow property, is also strong against it, and is the strongest against the Undead property.
  • Shadow: Shadow is the opposite of Holy, and is the strongest against it.
  • Ghost: The immaterial elemental property. The Ghost property resists and nullifies the Neutral property, is strong against the Undead property, and is only weak to itself.
  • Undead: The Undead property absorbs the Poison and Shadow properties, is strong against the Holy property, and it is immune to itself. However, it cannot harm the Shadow property, is weak to the Fire and Water properties, and is also the weakest to the Holy property.

Some melee attacks of monsters have no element and are completely unaffected by elemental modifiers. Such attacks are referred to as being non-elemental. They have only a defending element, but can inflict elemental attacks using skills.


There are three sizes to monsters, Small, Medium, and Large. They are usually very noticeably one size or another. Adopted players are considered small, normal players are medium, and Pecopeco riders are usually considered large in PVP environments.

JellyRO Exclusive Monsters

The majority of these are event only monsters.

Customized Monsters

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Spawn or drops rates differ in some way from the scripts found at the general RO database RateMyServer.

  • Arcadia (gon_dun03) Wraith Deads added. Incubus Added.
  • Einbroch Field (ein_fild08) Metalings increased.
  • Fortress Saint-Darmain (cmd_fild06) Stem Worms added.
  • Geffen Dungeon F1 (gef_dun00) Hunter Fly removed. Poporing increased. Poison Spores increased.
  • Geffen Dungeon F4 (gef_dun03) Wraith removed. Wraith Dead removed. Wind Ghost removed. Hellion Revenant removed. Doppelganger added. Lord of Death added. Dark Lord added. Baphomet added. Baphomet Jr. added.Deviruchi added. Mini Demon added. Violy added. Incubus added. Succubus added. Dark Priest added. Bloody Knight added. Gremlin added. Alice added. Khalitzburg added. Abysmal Knight added.
  • Glast Heim Underprison (gl_prison) Mobs increased. Rybios removed. Skeleton Prisoners added.
  • Glast Heim Churchyard (gl_chyard) Mobs increased.
  • Kokomo Beach (cmd_fild02) Mobsters increased.
  • Lutie Field (xmas_fild01) Garm Baby increased
  • Skellington, A Solitary Village (nif_fild01) Mobs increased.
  • Sphinx F5 (in_sphinx5) Anubis increased.
  • Suei Long Gon (lou_dun03) Gajomart added.
  • Toy Monitoring Room (xmas_dun2) Myst Cases increased.
  • West Orc Village (gef_fild14) High Orcs increased.
  • Miyabi Doll spawn rate has been increased in ama_dun01 to 100.
  • ve_fild07 now spawns 1.5x more mobs.
  • Gajomart spawn rate in gld_dun01 has been increased to 20
  • Elder in Clock Tower F2 and F4 were increased to 10 each
  • The spawn rate of Obeaune has been increased.
  • Guardian Stone (1907) - Changed to Formless/Ghost. HP Increased.
  • Guardian Stone (1908) - Changed to Formless/Ghost. HP Increased.
  • Barricade - Changed to Formless/Ghost. HP Increased.
  • Roween (1794 - ie. galion's slaves) give experience
  • Antonio Drop rates are different

Green marks a higher drop rate. Red marks a lower drop rate.

Amon Ra Item Krieg Dagger.gif Krieg Dagger [3] (3%)
Agav Item Holy Dagger.gif Holy Dagger [0] (0.03%)
Aliza Item Rosary.gif Rosary [1] (0.03%)
Abysmal Knight Item Blade of Darkness.gif Blade of Darkness (3%)
Bow Guardian Item Sniping Suit.gif Sniping Suit [1] (0.06%)
Beelzebub Item Ledger of Death.gif Ledger of Death [2] (0.03%)
Deviling Item Blade of Darkness.gif Blade of Darkness (15%)
Dullahan Item Eye of Dullahan.gif Eye of Dullahan [0] (3%)
Echio Item Holy Dagger.gif Holy Dagger [0] (0.3%)
Eddga Item Krieg Dagger.gif Krieg Dagger [3] (0%)
Elder Item Book.gif Book (3%)
Gopinich Item Gelerdria.gif Gelerdria (4.5%)
Iara Item Necklace.gif Necklace [1] (0.03%)
Fallen Bishop Hibram Item Memory Book.gif Memory Book [1] (3%)
Fake Angel Item False Angel Wing.gif False Angel Wing (100%)
Maya Item Mother's Nightmare.gif Mother's Nightmare (0.9%)
Naght Sieger Item Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (B).gif Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (B) [3] (50%), Item Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (R).gif Twin Edge of Naght Sieger (R) [3] (50%)
Nidhoggr's Shadow Item Proxy Skin Fragment.gif Proxy Skin Fragment [1] (15%)
Obeaune Item Necklace.gif Necklace [1] (0.03%)
Orc Hero Item Weihna.gif Weihna [2] (3%)
Orc Lady Item Earring.gif Earring [1] (0.03%)
Phreeoni Item Weihna.gif Weihna [2] (0%)
Satan Morroc Item Diabolus Armor.gif Diabolus Armor [1] (50%), Item Diabolus Robe.gif Diabolus Robe [1] (50%), Item Diabolus Boots.gif Diabolus Boots [1] (50%), Item Dark Bacilium.gif Dark Bacilium [1] (45%)
Valkyrie Randgris Item Valhalla's Flower.gif Valhalla's Flower (75%) , Item Valkyrie's Armor.gif Valkyrie's Armor [1] (6%), Item Valkyrie's Manteau.gif Valkyrie's Manteau [1] (6%), Item Valkyrie's Shield.gif Valkyrie's Shield [1] (6%), Item Valkyrie's Shoes.gif Valkyrie's Shoes [1] (6%)
Wounded Satan Morroc Item Diabolus Armor.gif Diabolus Armor [1] (30%), Item Diabolus Robe.gif Diabolus Robe [1] (30%), Item Diabolus Boots.gif Diabolus Boots [1] (30%), Item Dark Bacilium.gif Dark Bacilium [1] (30%)
  • lh4 drops
  • The weapon Executioner now drops from the monster Executioner.
  • Book[3] drop rate for Elder has been slightly increased.

Question.gif Phree and eddga drops?

Quote from:

Blade [4]: Drop rate has been slightly increased. Ring: This was already implemented, but Orc Lord drops Ring[0] at a 15% rate.

Quote from:

Pax Imperia Dungeon:
  • Assassin Cross: Infiltrator
  • Ninja: Mother's Nightmare
  • Sniper: Rudra Bow
  • Champion: Berserk
  • Professor: Memory Book[1]
  • Whitesmith: Iron Driver
  • Paladin: Sacred Mission

Rekenber Dungeon:

  • Stalker: Roguemaster's Bow
  • Gunslinger: All 4 Transparent Plate
  • High Wizard: Soul Staff
  • Creator: War Axe[1]
  • High Priest: Coif[1]
  • Lord Knight: Tirfing
  • Clown: Gumoongoh[2]

Quote from: (15 may 2013)

Item Drop Changes
  • Round Buckler[1] has been added to Orc Warrior. It will give 6 DEF.
  • Chain Mail[1] has been added to Soldier Skeleton and Strouf.Silver Guard[1] has been added to Golem, chain, and hammer wielding Goblins. It will give 5 DEF.
  • Weihna[2] was removed from Orc Hero. It will be given to Phreeoni at a later time, wait for the announcements on it.
  • Evil Horn now drops at a 90% drop rate from Baphomet Jr.
  • Durga[1] has been added to Desert Wolf. Only Assassin Cross can use it.
  • Ebone Armor[1] has been added to Khalitzburg. It will give 12 DEF and is only useable by Lord Knight and Paladins.

Themed Headgears

Alice Item Alice Doll.gif Alice Doll [1] (0.09%)
Bacsojin Item Zaha Doll Hat.gif Zaha Doll Hat [0] (3%)
Draco Egg Item Baby Dragon Hat.gif Baby Dragon Hat [1] (0.3%)
Evil Snake Lord Item Evil Snake Lord Hat.gif Evil Snake Lord Hat [1] (6%)
Fake Angel Item Angel Blessing.gif Angel Blessing [0] (0.09%)
Explosion Item Torch Cap.gif Torch Cap [0] (0.09%)
Fur Seal Item Seal Hat.gif Seal Hat [0] (0.09%)
Geographer Item Decorative Geographer.gif Decorative Geographer [0] (0.09%)
Hyegun Item Hyegun Hat.gif Hyegun Hat [1] (0.09%)
Karakasa Item Umbrella Hat.gif Umbrella Hat [0] (0.3%)
Lady Tanee Item Tanigumi Girl Doll.gif Tanigumi Girl Doll [0] (6%)
Necromancer Item Necromancer Hood.gif Necromancer Hood [0] (6%)
Solace Item Little Angel Doll.gif Little Angel Doll [0] (0.3%)
Wood Goblin Item Nest Hat.gif Nest Hat [0] (0.09%)

Silver Ring no longer drops from Succubus.