Mora Village

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Mora Village

Mora Village is a town in the New World located along the Bifrost bridge between Splendide and Eclage.

A Stop Along the Bifrost

Mora Village, a Rafle village where heroes stay to look for valuable items from adventurers who went missing in the Maze. As it possesses town amenities such as an inn and shops, it is used by a variety of adventurers traveling along the bridge.

  • [ENTRANCE] Access the Bifrost Field warp through the top right of Splendide and walk through the Hazy Forest Maze in order to reach the city of Mora. All Nydhogg's Memory located inside the Hazy Forest Maze have a low chance to drop Mysterious Seed, which can be used on the Mysterious Flower NPC to warp you from bif_fild01 to bif_fild02.

^ Due to the above, the Wandering_Guardian_Quest is unavailable

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