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The Navigation System is a feature that allows players to easily find NPCs, Mobs, and Maps in game.

You can type your query into the bar, click on the magnifying glass, and then simply follow the arrows to your destination.

You can also type in the exact coordinates of your destination, otherwise the system may have options for you to choose from.

Once you reach your destination, a dialogue box will pop up to declare that you have arrived. When you click [Okay], the Navigation System will disengage and close until the next time you use it again.

Shortcut Command

Every map in the game is laid out in an X,Y grid format that can be identified using the /where command in the chat box.

The command format for utilizing coordinates in the Navigation System is

/navi mapname X/Y

where mapname is where you enter the technical name of the map (e.g. izlude for Izlude or mjolnir_05 for Mjolnir Map 5) and X and Y are the number coordinates.


A Failed to set the arrived area! error message usually means the following:

You're too close to the destination cell

  • The Navigation System can only activate if you're at least 10 or so cells away from the cell you're going to.

Your destination is a dead cell

  • A simple fix for this is to adjust the destination coordinates by a digit or two until you indicate a usable cell.