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Novices embark on their journeys with unlimited potential. From where did they come? Where will their adventures take them? Will they find new friends, or will they isolate themselves in this vast world?

Perhaps they will never understand what fate has in store for them, but with enough work, they will become tomorrow's masters. The future looks bright!

Job Information

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Novice Guides

Basic BuildsLeveling AreasPlayer Guides

Job Change Quest

The Novice is the default class every character starts as.
Once you reach Job Level 9, you unlock the ability to change to your first job class; so read about each of our available Jobs and see what your Novice wants to become.

swordsman.png swordwoman.png magem.png mage.png archerm.png archer.png acolyte.png acolytef.png merchantm.png merchant.png thief.png thieff.png
Swordman Mage Archer Acolyte Merchant Thief
supernovice.png supernovicef.png taekwonb.png taekwon.png ninja.png ninjaf.png gunslinger.png gunslingerf.png
Super Novice Taekwon Boy & Girl Ninja Gunslinger


Platinum Skills Quests


Novices have a special set of equipment with hefty bonuses available to them at the very start of their adventure. Speak to any Novice Shop to purchase each of the following items for only 1 zeny apiece or choose to participate in the Novice Training Grounds to receive them for free.
1243.pngNovice Main Gauche
5055.pngNovice False Eggshell
2352.pngTattered Novice Ninja Suit
2112.pngNovice Guard
2510.pngSomber Novice Hood
2414.pngNovice Slippers

Leveling Areas

Payon Dungeon

Payon Cave F1
Target monsters: Familiar (aggressive), Skeleton, Zombie (aggressive), Poporing (looter)
Minimum level: 1

Equip all of the special Novice Equipment listed above and just start poking things. Focus on Familiars first, then Skeletons if nothing else in the area is trying to attack you. Zombies and Poporings have much more HP than Familiars and Skeletons, so be careful with them or wait until you've gained a few levels before taking them on.

Be sure to run to the Payon Hunters near the entrance if you need a Skill Heal.gif Heal and to refresh your Skill Blessing.gif Blessing in case it wears off. You can also run to them if you get overwhelmed by too many aggressive Zombies and Familiars. Leveling will go even faster if you complete Rennard's quest now so you can volunteer for Jason's missing body quest once you change to your first job.

Bibalan Dungeon

Undersea Tunnel F1, Undersea Tunnel F2
Target monsters: Plankton, Vadon, Marina, Hydra (aggressive), Kukre (looter), Cornutus
Minimum level: 1

An alternative to Payon Dungeon above without the luxury NPCs and player shops outside. Same strategy, but enemies will be much sparser and it will be much less likely that you'll encounter other players. If you use the Teleport Service NPC to get here, you'll be warped in right next to the exit portal. Hydra, Kukre, and Cornutus monsters aren't really a concern until you reach the second floor. Plankton will be the best target here at first. Marina will probably take a fair amount of effort to kill.

Prontera Field

Almost all fields within 1-2 maps of Prontera
Target monsters: Poring (looter), Lunatic, Drops (looter), Pupa, Rocker, Hornet
Minimum level: 1

Very classic way to level - the fields around the capital city of Rune-Midgarts. Leveling here will be much, much slower than the above two places, but if you aren't in a hurry and are more concerned with exploring and learning about the game world, this option is highly recommended. Watch out for Creamy and Thief Bug. Creamy is actually much stronger than the rest of the monsters on the map, so don't attack it right off the bat. Multiple Thief Bugs in one area could also spell trouble, since they will link and attack together if they notice you attacking one of them.

Player Guides

Beginner's Guide
Learn how to create your Novice and guide it to its first job change!

Novices don't have any active skills at their disposal aside from Skill First Aid.gif First Aid and Skill Trick Dead.gif Trick Dead. If you find yourself with 1000 zeny to spare and you won't be ready to change jobs for quite some time, Trick Dead can prove rather useful for avoiding death in situations where you may end up overwhelmed by swarms of aggressive monsters. New players may want to avoid spending zeny on the Platinum Skill NPC until after their first job change.

For the most part, all you'll be doing is stabbing things to death with your trusty Novice Main-Gauche until you can change to the next job. Because of this, you'll probably want to focus on the following stats:

  • STR to hit harder (increases maximum damage) and carry more items.
  • AGI to attack faster and improve chances at dodging enemy attacks.
  • DEX to help hit monsters more accurately.

If you plan on becoming a Mage, Archer, Acolyte, bow Thief, magic Ninja, or Gunslinger, you can pay 1000 zeny to use the Stat/Skill Reset NPC in order to reallocate stat points after your first job change.

External Guides