Onward to the New World

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  1. Talk to the Recruiter for the Brave in the Prontera Castle (prt_castle 83,67)
  2. Talk to the Promotional Staff member in Aldebaran (aldebaran 127,138).
    • Bring him 300 Jellopy.
  3. In Geffen, talk to the staff member (geffen 90,67).
    • Bring 1 Emerald, and 1 Ruby.
  4. In Izlude, talk to the staff member (izlude 99,136).
  5. Talk to the Recruiter in Prontera Castle again.
    Note: He is now in bottom left corner looking at the fountain instead of beside the shop in upper left.
  6. In Lighthalzen, go into Rekenber HQ (lighthalzen 101,246) and talk to one of the Guards upstairs (lhz_in01 124,234).
  7. Talk to Sikaiz at the front of the desk three times.
  8. Talk to the Alliance Manager in Prontera Castle (prt_castle 121,51).
  9. Go back to Sikaiz in Lighthalzen.
  10. Find the Arunafeltz Alliance Manager outside the temple (ra_temple 119,113) in Rachel.
  11. Go back to Sikaiz.
  12. Go downstairs to the banquet hall (147, 179) (next to the stairs on the right) and talk to them, but first you overhear them plotting to ignore the peace and take control of things for themselves.
  13. Report back upstairs, but the guards won't let you in. Walk to (148, 257), where you're able to overhear Munkenro talking to someone. (NOTE: If you are unable to overhear anything, then simply continue to the next step).
  14. Talk to the Guard outside of the lecture hall (lhz_in01 130,231) and ask it to teleport you.
  15. Talk to the Rift Guard (moc_fild20 349,179). He takes you to the Dimensional Gorge.
  16. Talk to Munkenro (moc_fild22b 230,197). Defeat 50 Mobsters.
  17. After passing the test, talk to Munkenro again, who sends you to the Ash-Vacuum.

Quest End.