Point Checker

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Point Checker
NPC Point Checker.gif
Function Records characters' rank points.
Location Yuno(yuno) : 128, 74

The Point Checker NPC is a service NPC that allows players with Alchemist, Biochemist, Blacksmith, Mastersmith, and Taekwon Boy & Girl characters to view the number of rank points they have earned.

To check the top ten rankers, use the respective command:

List of the top ten ranked Alchemists and/or Biochemists.
All ranked potions are 50% more effective.
List of the top ten ranked Blacksmiths and/or Mastersmiths.
All ranked weapons have +10 Mastery ATK damage.
List of the top ten ranked Taekwon Boys and/or Taekwon Girls.
Taekwon rankers have the ability to chain kick attacks in quick succession.

Players can also check top twenty rankers on the JellyRO Control Panel.