Poring Wars

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The Poring War Recruiter can be found outside Prontera's south exit

Poring War is a short player-activated event where participants fight for either Angeling or Deviling.

How to Join

Directly south of Prontera, talk to Poring War Recruiter (prt_fild08 159,371).

  • You need 500z to enter the Poring War lobby
  • There are no level or class restrictions for this Minigame.

Enter Poring's Chatroom (poring_w01 91,97)

If you do not have enough participants, you can always recruit players using the Broadcast NPC (poring_w01 104, 97)

  • When 10 participants have entered, you will be warped to a waiting room
  • Join the Angeling Team or Deviling Team. If participants are unable to divide themselves into even teams before the time limit, they will be warped out.

How to Play

Poring War Versus.png
The objective of the game is to eliminate the opposite team's mascots.

ie. If you are on Team Angeling, win the game by eliminating both Devilings before your two Angelings die.

  • Monsters do not distinguish between teams. Consequently, they will attack any players.
  • Angelings and Devilings will respawn after some time
  • Poring War takes place in a PvP environment, so try to keep yourselves alive

Item Green Potion.gif Green Potions are disabled in Poring Wars.


  • Reward for Won Match: 3 Poring Coins
  • Reward for Tied Match: 2 Poring Coins
  • Reward for Lost Match: 1 Poring Coins
Item Event Coin.gif Event Coin
Star Soul-Bound.png
Type Miscellaneous Buy n/a Sell n/a Weight 0
Description ...

Event Coins can be exchanged at the Poring Vending Machine in the first waiting area.

Cost Item Name
4 PC Item Marvelous Medal.gif Marvelous Medal
20 PC Item Union of Tribe.gif Union of Tribe
30 PC Item Poring Box.gif Poring Box
15 PC Item Wild Rose Mercenary Scroll.gif Wild Rose Mercenary Scroll (lasts 30 minutes)
20 PC Item Doppelganger Mercenary Scroll.gif Doppelganger Mercenary Scroll (lasts 30 minutes)
20 PC Item Egnigem Cenia Mercenary Scroll.gif Egnigem Cenia Mercenary Scroll (lasts 30 minutes)
50 PC Item Poring Coin S.gif Poring Coin S

Currency to play the Conami Claw machine.

Cost Class Accessory
50 PC Item Novice Figure.gif Novice Figure [0]

A figure made representing the Novice Class. If you look at it, somehow you feel energized.

MHP + 70. Novice Class: MHP + 30.

100 PC Item Swordsman Figure.gif Swordsman Figure [0]

A figure made representing the Swordsman Class. VIT+ 1. Swordman Class: DEF + 2.

100 PC Item Acolyte Figure.gif Acolyte Figure [0]

A figure made representing the Acolyte Class. INT+ 1. Acolyte Class: SP + 50.

100 PC Item Mage Figure.gif Mage Figure [0]

A figure made representing the Magician Class. INT + 1. Mage Class: Recovery SP + 5%.

100 PC Item Archer Figure.gif Archer Figure [0]

A figure made representing the Archer Class. DEX + 1. Archer Class: ATK + 10.

100 PC Item Thief Figure.gif Thief Figure [0]

A figure made representing the Thief Class. AGI + 1. Thief Class: ASPD + 3%.

100 PC Item Merchant Figure.gif Merchant Figure [0]

A figure made representing the Merchant Class. STR + 1. Merchant Class: CRIT + 5.