Professor Bill

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Professor Bill
NPC Professor Bill.gif
Function Quest NPC
Assists in providing item drop rate information.
Location Yuno, Capital of Schwarzwald Republic(yuno) : 151, 188

"Hello, young adventurer! Would you like to help me do some research? You'll be sent to places all over the Ragnarok world to see lots of new monsters!"

Professor Bill is a Custom Quest NPC who is eager to work with adventurers to learn more about the monsters that inhabit Rune Midgard. Although he seems more than a little eccentric (and a bit egg-centric), he earnestly offers the opportunity to fill out a unique monster encyclopedia that provides drop rate information for various monsters.


The bestiary is a book in which monsters' names and drop rates are recorded. When unequipped, the bestiary will provide a list of monsters from which you may select to see the respective monsters' items and their drop rates.

Professor Bill will request the following items in order to create the bestiary:

  • 1x Book[3]
  • 5x Memory Bookmark
  • 25x Squid Ink
  • 50x Oil Paper
Item2 Bestiary.gif
Bestiary [0]
A book created by Professor Bill himself used to gather information of monsters in the Ragnarok world.
Weight : 0

(You do not need to equip the Bestiary while completing Professor Bill's quests.)

When you first receive the bestiary, it will be empty. Each task you complete for Professor Bill will add one new entry to the bestiary. Every now and then, Professor Bill will also give you a small reward such as an Old Blue Box for encouragement. It's up to you to complete it!

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