Pumpkin Harvest

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Pumpkin Harvest entrance NPC in Geffen

Pumpkin Harvest is a minigame that was introduced on October 21, 2011. It is only available during the Pumpkin Festival.

How to Join

  • The oppressed workers of the Geffen Pumpkin Corporation need your help! To begin, speak with Jaki (geffen 129,70).
  • Jakk (pum_fild01) on the Pumpkin Farm will explain the rules in detail.
  • You can play this minigame a maximum of 5 times a day.

How to Play

Watering a patch of Fertile Soil on the Pumpkin Farm

Each game lasts 15 minutes. For each round, you will be assigned 10 patches of Fertile Soil from which to grow pumpkins.

  • Dig a hole
  • Plant a seed: Pumpkin Seeds are obtained from Pumpkingrings
  • Water the plant: Fresh Water are obtained from Aquarings
  • Harvest the Ripe Pumpkin: Harvesting Tools are available at the crates near the entrance. If you are lucky, some seeds will grow into two pumpkins instead of one.

Jakks on the pumpkin farm will provide buffs (and debuffs!) as you go. Also watch out for the Big Ol' Pumpking. You will lose all the Pumpkin Seeds, Fresh Water, Harvesting Tools and Ripe Pumpkins you have on hand if he takes you out, so you may want to bring some means to run away quickly, hide, or shove him away.

Point System

1 pts For every 1 Ripe Pumpkin you turn in.
1 pts For every 3 Pumpkin Seeds on hand when the time is up.
1 pts For every 3 Fresh Water on hand when the time is up.
1 pts For every 5 Harvesting Tools on hand when the time is up.
1 pts For every 2 Fresh Pumpkins on hand when the time is up.


You will receive 1 Pumpkin Festival Certificate for participating and an additional certificate for each round you successfully complete.