Quest Checker

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Quest Checker
NPC Quest Checker.gif
Function Records characters' completed quests.
Location Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : 143,96

The Quest Checker NPC is a service NPC that allows players to see which quests their characters have completed.

Current Quest List

Attitude to the New World
Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest
Biolabs Entrance Quest
Biolabs 4 Entrance Quest
Cursed Spirit Quest
Einbroch Murder Quest
Factory Quest
Finding the Moving Island Quest
Juice Quest
Kiel Hyre Quest
New Surroundings Quest
Odin's Temple Excavation Quest
Onward to the New World
President Quest
Pursuing Rayan Moore
Rachel Sanctuary Entrance Quest
Rebellion Quest
SQI Arena
The Sign Quest
Tripatriate Union's Feud Quest