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The Ragnarok Online Delivery Express (RODEX) is a mail system built into the user interface of the client instead of a script NPC. It allows players to mail other players with text, items and zeny.


RODEX can usually be accessed via the icon underneath the Basic Info Window. If your character has unread mail, a notification will appear beside your mini-map. As of currently, however, the button must be summoned with the @RODEX command, or hotkeyed.

You may send a mail by either opening the RODEX window via the icon, right clicking a character, or right clicking a character in your friends list or party list. Type in the name of the character you wish to mail, and press Check Name to confirm the character exists. A title must be between 4 to 24 characters long. Optionally, you can also add a short message of 0 to 500 characters long.

Features and Limitations

  • Can send up to 5 different items per mail, as long as the total weight of all the items does not exceed 2000 weight.
    • If the mail contains items with a total amount of weight beyond the character's max weight limit, the player may have to increase their maximum weight limit through STR, or Enlarge Weight Limit with the use of Gym Passes.
  • You can't take out an individual item if there are multiple items in one mail.
  • The item cannot be account or character bound.
  • For each item you add, you will be taxed 2,500 Zeny. The quantity of the item does not get taxed.
  • You may also send any amount of Zeny your character has. You will be charged 2% of the amount of Zeny you send in the mail.
  • Can mail up to 100 times per day.
  • Mail only has a 15 day duration.
  • If the mail wasn't deleted by the recipient before the 15 day duration ends, the mail will be returned to the sender.
  • If the mail is returned to the sender, they have another 15 days to take out any items or zeny that was left in the mail.
  • Anything left in the returned mail will be deleted and forever lost after the 15 day duration has ended.


RODEX Main Window and Write Mail