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This feature is currently disabled on JellyRO.
When it becomes available again, this notice will be removed.

The Faction War is a long-running custom immersion event that allows players to support either Pax Imperia or the Rekenber Corporation in their seemingly endless conflict. Pax Imperia is casually called "Pax" for brevity, while Rekenber Corporation is often shortened to "Rek." Both factions are engaged in a war that has been explored through various battle systems and quests over the course of JellyRO's history.



Rekenber Corporation

They act as one.... Bold. Dignified. Incessant. Words cannot accurately describe the ambitious nature of those who would call themselves workers for the Rekenber Corporation. With its true intentions hidden in secrecy behind the guise of its wise and just leader, Director General Sky, the Rekenber Corporation is well-known for its many innovations and influential works upon the world. Powerful enough to inadvertently pressure three nations into feeling threatened enough to join forces, can they truly be stopped? Only time will tell....

Pax Imperia

They heed the call for justice.... When evil would stand tall and beckon to be challenged, let no mortal question their resolve to do what is right for the sake of their fellow mankind. Comprised of the Rune-Midgard kingdom, the Arunafeltz kingdom, and the Schwartzvald Republic, Pax Imperia came into existence after the Rekenber Corporation's refusal to reduce its productivity and research in what became an assumed lust for absolute rule over the nations. With so much power and support in the frontlines of battle, however, Pax Imperia's victory against the scum that is Rekenber is surely guaranteed...or is it? Only time will tell....

Direct Assault

See Direct Assault.

The Assault on Prontera

Every six hours, troops from both Pax Imperia and the Rekenber Corporation will populate Prontera City in a battle over control of the city. The faction that succeeds in its primary objective will gain control of Prontera for the following six hours and will be granted access to a special dungeon.


The attacking faction is supported by two waves of NPC Faction Units that spawn in three squads around the Odin statue at the center of Prontera. Each squad will proceed along a designated path shortly after the start of the fight: left, right, or center. When one of the three squads has been defeated, a second set of reinforcement units will rush in on that side to continue the onslaught. If all attacking units are destroyed, the attacking faction's assault will fail, and the defending faction will retain control of Prontera.

Primary Objectives
Defeat the Barrier Guardians for access to the enemy faction's Heart of Guardian
Destroy the Heart of Guardian located at the top of Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : 156, 333
Prevent attacking units from being completely neutralized

Attacking Units

Left Flank
2 * Pax/Rek L Flank Protector (Paladin)
2 * Pax/Rek L Flank Caster (High Wizard)
1 * Pax/Rek L Flank Mender (High Priest)
2 * Pax/Rek L Flank Ranger (Stalker)
Central Assault
2 * Pax/Rek Assault Protector (Paladin)
2 * Pax/Rek Assault Caster (High Wizard)
1 * Pax/Rek Assault Mender (High Priest)
2 * Pax/Rek Assault Ranger (Stalker)
1 * Pax/Rek Assault Soldier (Lord Knight)
Right Flank
2 * Pax/Rek R Flank Protector (Paladin)
2 * Pax/Rek R Flank Caster (High Wizard)
1 * Pax/Rek R Flank Mender (High Priest)
2 * Pax/Rek R Flank Ranger (Stalker)


The defending faction can only rely on one set of NPC Faction units and is naturally disadvantaged to facilitate allowing both sides to trade control of Prontera.

Primary Objectives
Neutralize all attacking NPC Faction Units
Protect the Barrier Guardians located at Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : ---, ---; ---, ---; ---, ---; ---, ---
Protect the Heart of Guardian located at the top of Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : 156, 333

Defending Units

Left Barrier Defense
2 * L Barrier Guardian (Paladin)
1 * L Barrier Summoner (High Wizard)
1 * L Barrier Mender (High Priest)
2 * L Barrier Ranger (Stalker)
Upper Central Barrier Defense
2 * UC Barrier Guardian (Paladin)
1 * UC Barrier Summoner (High Wizard)
1 * UC Barrier Mender (High Priest)
2 * UC Barrier Ranger (Stalker)
Lower Central Barrier Defense
2 * LC Barrier Guardian (Paladin)
1 * LC Barrier Summoner (High Wizard)
1 * LC Barrier Mender (High Priest)
2 * LC Barrier Ranger (Stalker)
Right Barrier Defense
2 * R Barrier Guardian (Paladin)
1 * R Barrier Summoner (High Wizard)
1 * R Barrier Mender (High Priest)
2 * R Barrier Ranger (Stalker)
Heart Guardian Defense NPCs
1 * Heart Guardian (Paladin)
1 * Heart Mender (High Priest)
1 * Heart Veteran (Lord Knight)

Faction Dungeons

Faction spies have been captured and are being held in jail! You can use the Pax Entrance NPC or Rek Entrance NPC located in Prontera in order to access this dungeon. Your faction must have control of Prontera and you cannot enter the dungeon while War of Prontera is active. These spies drop various pet foods along with Corporate and Imperial gears.

Faction mobs match the element of their respective SQIs with the exception of Lord Knight and Paladin mobs. Both of these will be ghost.

Rek Soldier (Paladin)
Rek Warrior (Scholar)
Rek Cadet (Mastersmith)
Rek Infantry (Champion)
Rek Rebel (Sniper)
Rek Lieutenant (Ninja)
Rek Commander (Assassin Cross)

Pax Soldier (Lord Knight)
Pax Warrior (High Priest)
Pax Cadet (Minstrel)
Pax Infantry (Biochemist)
Pax Rebel (High Wizard)
Pax Lieutenant (Gunslinger)
Pax Commander (Stalker)

Related NPCs

Pax Imperia NPCs
Pax Imperia Commander : Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : 43, 204
Speak to this NPC to join Pax Imperia's campaign to shut down Rekenber Corporation.
Faction Dungeon : Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : 40, 212
This NPC will send Pax Imperia players to their dungeon if Pax Imperia has control of Prontera.

Rekenber Corporation NPCs
Rekenber Corp Commander : Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : 268, 204
Speak to this NPC to join Rekenber Corporation's campaign to fight against Pax Imperia.
Faction Dungeon : Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : 273, 212
This NPC will send Rekenber players to their dungeon if Rekenber has control of Prontera.

Miscellaneous NPCs
Faction Informant : Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : 117, 186
This NPC allows you to leave your current faction by bribing him with money.
Faction Pet Repair : Event Map(event_map) : 59, 103
Pet eggs found in the faction dungeons must be inspected by this NPC before they can be hatched.
Warning: talking to this NPC will "repair" all faction dungeon eggs in your inventory whether they have already been repaired or not. This WILL reset the pet's loyalty, so please be careful.