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NPC Rennard.gif
Function Quest NPC
Location Archer Village(pay_arche) : 43, 126

Rennard is a custom quest NPC located just outside Payon Dungeon. He immediately greets all new adventurers who request direct access to Ragnarok Online from the Training Grounds.

In order to start his quest, you must be equipped with all 6 pieces of the Novice Special Equipment. When possible, choose "Wait! Do you have more advice?" for 3 free Concentration Potions.

Quest: Cave Cleaning

Defeat the aggressive monsters in the first floor of the Payon Cave. Make sure to pick up the loot and bring Rennard some spoils as proof of extermination.

Defeat 15 Familiars
Defeat 15 Zombies
Collect 10 Decayed Nail
Collect 10 Tooth of Bat
Question.gif Experience
1 Novice Battle Manual
Increases experience rate by 50% for 90 minutes.
5 Novice Bento Exclamation.gif
Food item that gives +5 to all stats.
100 Novice Blue Potion Exclamation.gif
Recovers 20% SP from base level 1 to 79. Recovers 10% SP from level 80 to 89. Can only be used once every 5 seconds.

Warning: If you have too many items when you turn in this quest, you will not receive your rewards.

Job Change Transportation

If you speak to Rennard again after completing his quest, he will offer to transport you to any of the first class change locations.