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Super Quest Item Arena Challenge (SQI Arena) is a custom dungeon instance located in the Hall of Valhalla. Adventurers reaching the pinnacle of their power seek to pass this gauntlet in order to obtain powerful items blessed (or cursed) by the Gods.

Players must complete the trial set before them to gain access to the realm of the Gods to make SQIs.

  • The instance has a 15 min time limit and will automatically close if all party members leave the instance for more than 5 minutes.
  • This instance is repeatable so long as the player meets the requirements.
Players CANNOT re-enter once they leave instance.

Note: Each character can only make ONE job-specific Super Quest Item for his or her current class; therefore, if you want to make an Aegis Shield, you MUST pass this challenge with a Crusader/Paladin.

Quest Steps

  1. Recruit 5 other party members.
  2. Arm them with seals.
    Arena Guide in Yuno
  3. Speak to Arena Guide (yuno 158,311) to enter the waiting room.
  4. Once all members are present, enter the NPC Chatroom to begin the challenge.
  5. Defeat all 8 "Stones" and 1 "Spirit".
    SQI Arena Map
Dragon Stone Brute Stone Formless Stone
1 Acidus (Gold)
1 Acidus (Blue)
1 Mutant Dragonoid
1 Hydrolancer
2 Hillslion
3 Gallion
2 Chimera
1 Eddga
8 Venatu
12 Dimik
1 Salamander
Demi-Human Stone Central Room Undead Stone
1 Howard Alt-Eisen
1 Margaretha Sorin
1 Cecil Damon
1 Kathryne Keyron
1 Incantation Samurai
1 Baphomet 2 Ragged Zombie
1 Necromancer
2 Zombie Slaughter
2 Khalitzburg
1 Osiris
Demon Stone Angel Stone Insect Stone
3 Banshee
1 Eremes
2 Hodremlin
1 Hellion Revenant
1 Moonlight Flower
1 Dame of Sentinel
1 Mistress of Shelter
1 Baroness of Retribution
1 Lady Solace
1 Incarnation of Morroc (Valkyrie)
3 Centipede
3 Centipede Larva
10 Arclouse
7 Argiope
1 Maya
SQI Masters in Valhalla

Upon completion of the SQI Arena Challenge, you will be warped to Valhalla where all the SQI Masters are located. In order to gain permanent access Valhalla, you MUST exit through the south portal of the hall (do NOT Teleport, Warp Portal, or use Butterfly Wing). Once you do, you may return to Valhalla at any time by speaking with the Valhalla Guard (yuno 210, 309), east of the Arena Guide in Yuno.

Note: This map (Valhalla) is separate from the one in the Sign Quest. (Do not expect to be able to create SQIs after receiving approval from Valkyrie Sandra.)

See also: Super Quest Items


The following mechanics are in effect inside the instance:


MVPs that drop Seals
Item Seal 1.gif Seal 1 Stormy Knight, Dark Lord, Evil Snake Lord, Tao Gunka, White Lady, Dracula
Item Seal 1.gif Seal 2 Baphomet, Doppelganger, Orc Lord, Turtle General, Incantation Samurai, Orc Hero
Item Seal 1.gif Seal 3 Osiris, Drake, Maya, Lord of Death, RSX-0806, Mistress
Item Seal 1.gif Seal 4 Golden Thief Bug, Eddga, Pharaoh, Phreeoni, Garm, Amon Ra,