Sara's Memory

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Sara's Memory is a dungeon instance located in the Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post. It tells the origins of the character Sara Irene, one of the 12 Valkyries from the original Ragnarok graphic novel.

  • The instance has a 1 hour time limit and will automatically close if you leave the instance for more than 5 minutes.
  • Upon success, each character can only attempt the instance once every 20 hours.
  • There is a Level 80 restriction for this instance.

Players CANNOT re-enter once they leave instance.

Quest Steps

Leon the Adventurer
  1. Talk to Leon the Adventurer in Dimensional Gorge (dali 130, 107) to start.
  2. Click on Dimensional Device and select "Boot up device." Click again to enter.
  3. Talk to Sara Irene.
  4. As soon as all the conversations end, walk toward the nearest warp portal on the left.
  5. Talk to Sara Irene again. Defeat guards and monsters.
  6. Continue to look around for Sara Irene and defeat those monsters as follows:
    1. First section: Kill all guards and desert wolves, the portal to second section will open in upper eastern side.
    2. Second section: Kill all guards and desert wolves, the portal to third section will open in southern side.
    3. Third section: Kill all guards, wolfs and desert wolves, the portal to fourth section will open at northern center side.
    4. Fourth section: Kill all guards. The portal to fifth section will open at upper west side.
    5. Finale section: Talk to Doyen Irene, kill all guards, then defeat Doyen Irene. Talk to Doyen again, then walk west until you meet Sara. An exit portal will open at western side.
  7. Talk to Leon again for exp.


The following mechanics are in effect inside the instance:


The instance itself doesn't offer an Item Reward, but all the enemies inside this dungeon have the chance to drop Food Items Lv3 to 7 (+7 Foods are only dropped by Doyen Irene)