Sealed Shrine

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Sealed Shrine is a dungeon instance situated beneath the St. Capitolina Monastery. With the release of Satan Morroc and the crack in dimensions, the seal that holds the Great Demon Baphomet is breaking, and adventurers are needed to seal away Baphomet again.

Players will make their way through the winding catacombs of St. Capitolina and confront Baphomet at the sealed shrine. However, Baphomet's power is too great to defeat physically, thus making it impossible to damage him. By pulling him through a series of seals located around the map, players can drain him of his defenses and properly defeat him.

  • The instance has a 2 hour time limit and will automatically close if all party members leave the instance for more than 5 minutes.
  • Upon success, each character can only attempt the instance once every 12 hours.

Quest Steps

1. At St. Capitolina Abbey, enter the building at (prt_monk 192,170). The party leader must speak with Friar Patrick (monk_test 309,146).

2. Once inside, the party leader must talk to the Falling Grave NPC to begin the quest in the Shrine (141, 221).

3. Talk to the Falling Graves. The correct one will give a pendant. Only the Party Leader can obtain and return the pendant to the Falling Grave (141, 221).

4. Return the Pendant of Spirit to the first Falling Grave. The NPC will instruct you to meet him in the center of the Catacomb.

5. Talk to the Soul of Ancient Hero in the middle of the map. The Party Leader must get 10 Essence of Fires and all party members must obtain Token of Apostle to progress to the next floor. You will have 1 hour to finish his task.

  • Essence of Fire are obtained from Torches.
  • Token of Apostle are obtained automatically by killing any monster named Apostle of Baphomet.
  • Note: If the party leader disconnects, respawns, or otherwise leaves the dungeon while collecting Essence of Fire, the Soul of Ancient Hero will no longer correctly recognize the party leader, and the quest cannot be continued.

6. After returning with the items, Soul of Ancient Hero will open the portal to the second floor. The portal can be found at the lower right side of the floor.

7. Once on the second floor, talk to The Main Altar to summon Great Demon Baphomet. He is invulnerable to your attacks.

8. The Soul of Ancient Hero will tell you of seals that will weaken Baphomet. He will instruct you to go to 5 seal locations on the map. The locations are: 2 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 8 o'clock, 10 o'clock and the middle (above The Main Altar).


The following mechanics are in effect inside the instance:

  • Disabled Items: Fly Wing
  • Disabled Skills: Ice Wall, Leap, Intimidate, Teleport, Snatch, Safety Wall, Assumptio
  • Great Demon Baphomet must be brought INTO the seal and the seal must be activated in order for players to inflict damage.
  • The party member who activates a seal will be Stone Cursed for approximately 30 seconds.
  • The party member who activates a seal cannot activate two seals in a row.
  • Crossing from the outer path to the inner square will trigger mobs of monsters that reset at 5 min intervals.

Related Items

Upon killing Great Demon Baphomet, one of the possible drop items is a Cursed Baphomet Doll, which is used to make the headgear, Baphomet Horns.

If you receive this item: Do not talk to the Champion NPC to warp out. Use a Butterfly Wing or use the Warp Portal acolyte skill to get out of the instance map. DO NOT talk to any other NPC, AT ALL. Come back to Friar Patrick first and DISCUSS ONLY THE DOLL. Any deviance will result in failure of the headgear quest.

Speak with Rust Blackhand (prt_monk 261,91) with the following items to make a Giant Baphomet Horns.

1 Cursed Baphomet Doll
1 Magestic Goat
30 Crystal of Darkness
50 Fragment of Darkness
990,000 Zeny