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''See [http://www.jellyro.com/bugtracker Bugtracker] for fixes and ongoing bugs.''
''See [http://www.jellyro.com/bugtracker Bugtracker] for fixes and ongoing bugs.''
''See [[Pre-Server Changelog]] for changes before the transfer to JellYRO.''
''See [[Pre-Server Changelog]] for changes before the transfer to JellyRO.''
[[Category:General Information]]
[[Category:General Information]]

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History of changes on the main server since the transition to JellyRO.




  • Fixed: Portal to tool shop increase was ranged
  • Fixed: Portal from tool shop was adjusted


  • Added: Halloween Reward.
  • Updated: Pettalktable.xml


  • Fixed: 'dporin_move.wav' error.
  • Changed: Izlude, Geffen, Rachel, Prontera, and Alberta's BGMs.
  • Changed: Female GM sprite.


  • Added: The following Halloween events have been re-enabled: Trick or Treat, Pumpkin Harvest, Mischievous Ghosts.
  • Changed: Some rewards in the Jellybean Exchange NPC have been changed.
  • Changed: Cash shop has been modified with new items, and the removal of summer items.
  • Changed: War of Emperium castles have been changed to Aldebaran 2, Rachel 3, Geffen 1, Gloria 3. All Castles have been reset.
  • Changed: Prontera has been changed from Summer Prontera to Halloween Prontera.
  • Fixed: Old Glast Heim instance.
  • Fixed: Izlude walking paths.
  • Fixed: Some quests in the database have been corrected.
  • Removed: Flanring NPC is gone... for now.
  • Removed: Summer suits and beach volleyball have been disabled, and will return next summer.



  • Fixed & Changed: Gray Cloak, Gray Armor, Gray Helmet & Boots of Gray item combo. Previously: 3% chance to activate 100% Reflect Damage + 100% HP Drain for 10 seconds when recieving physical damage. Now: 3% chance to activate 100% Reflect Damage + 100% HP Drain for 5 seconds when recieving physical damage.
  • Fixed: Pet eggs.


  • Fixed: Some maps were not loading correctly
  • Fixed: Volleyball


  • Changed: Auroshop Sales
  • Removed: 1-20 and 21-50 mission boards
  • Changed: 51-75 mission board to 50-75
  • Fixed: Silversmith bracelet compounding
  • Fixed: WOE announcements
  • Fixed: Telportation in Yuno, einbrosh, Lighthalzen, and Einbech
  • Fixed: Endure
  • Changed: Frost Joke and Scream can now be edited again
  • Added: Eden maps, bounty boards, Gramps, Merry badger
  • Added: multiple Hats of Summer Quests
  • Added: Fishing NPCs and items





  • Added: Future new content items.


  • WoE Active castles changed:
    • TRANS: Prontera 2, Yuno 3
    • NONTRANS: Payon 5
    • TRAINING: Kafragarden 5
  • Fixed: broken roulette items
  • Fixed: Shark hat quest
  • Fixed: Auro shop statfoods
  • Changed: Warp clips to have correct castles
  • Fixed: Teleport in bloody branch rooms


  • Updated: Quest logs.






  • Updated: Quest logs.



  • Added: Future Content.





  • Changed: Jellybean's name to "GM's Jellybean". Also the sprite is now different.



  • Updated: Quest logs.


  • Fixed: Quest logs. Now Ghost Palace Instance display the cooldown as intended.









  • Added: Monster of the Day (MotD)
  • Changed: 90-99 mission board missions
  • Added: Potless PVP
  • Added: Elemental bullets to the Einbroch ammunition dealer
  • Added: Correct foods to Petfood seller
  • Changed: Autoguard and Safety wall no longer reflect
  • Changed: Osiris card no longer has restrictions
  • Added: Arrow of counter evil can now be made by arrow crafting Broken Pharaoh Emblem





  • Fixed: Re-added the Refine Master for the refine tickets. Located behind the Smith building in Prontera
  • Fixed: Hammerfall's description. Now it shows all the classes of weapons the skill require to work.
  • Fixed: Poring Sunglasses now shows the correct defense on the item description.


  • Changed: Spare card drop rate to 1%
  • Fixed: Kaizel infinite resurrection in PVP
  • Fixed: Cart termination: Bypasses Cicada properly, Damage calculated correctly, reflect works properly


  • Added: Quest Access NPC
  • Removed: Doubloon Exchanger NPC
  • Changed: Quest timers on President's Quest, Sign Quest, Moving Island to have by hour cooldowns, not 'come between certain times' timers
  • Changed: MVP mission board: All missions are on an account wide cooldown. All missions cooldowns increased. Item requirements added to most missions. MVP selection changed. Rates of auro payout changed.
  • Fixed: Fresh Roses [1]
  • Fixed: Newbie Jellyro Card Album Set has been re-balanced and properly bound
  • Changed: Old Glast Heim hard mode, Nidhoggurs Dungeon, and Horror Toy Factory can no longer be dual cliented
  • Added: The in-game Trade Channel has been added to the Trade Discord Channel


  • Fixed: unpathable tiles in Restricted PVP
  • Fixed: Non-trans WOE announcements



  • WoE Active castles changed:
    • TRANS: Aldebaran 4, Rachel 2
    • NONTRANS: Geffen 5
    • TRAINING: Gloria 4
  • Added: Guild vs Guild PVP map
  • EXP rates have been returned to normal
  • Added: Costume Dolor Thanatos and Costume Duneyrr hat to Khajiit.
  • Updated: Warp clip Elite with the correct castles
  • Old Glast Heim Hard Mode is available.
  • White Knight and Khalitzburg Cards can now be obtained by Contaminated Magic.
  • Fixed: Mission Board (again).
  • Added: Mission Board MVP Dailies.
  • Added: The following hats to the following monsters:
    • Little Angel Doll to Solace
    • Poporing Hat to Poporing
    • Magnolia Hat [1] to Magnolia
    • Yoyo Hat to Yoyo
    • Mandragora Cap [1] to Mandragora
    • Vagabond Wolf Hat to Vagabond Wolf
    • Necromancer's Hood [1] to Necromancer
    • Sting Hat to Sting
    • Lady Tanee Doll to Tanee (Tanigumi Doll)
    • Lunatic Hat to Lunatic
    • Tucan Hat [1] to Toucan
    • Wild Rose Hat [1] to Wild Rose
    • Dolor Hat [1] to Thanatos Dolor
    • Majestic Evil Horns to Baphomet Jr.
    • Sleeper Hat to Sleeper
    • Potted Muka Hat to Muka
    • Remover Hat to Removal
    • Thanatos Odium Mask to Thanatos Odium
    • Dokebi Horn to Dokebi
    • Rideword Hat to Rideword
    • Duneyrr Helm to Duneyrr
    • Sedora Hat to Sedora
    • Sinsuncho Hat to Wild Ginseng
    • Thornwood Band to Entweithen Crothen


  • Removed: St Patricks Event and items
  • Changed: Orc baby spawns increased
  • Changed: Jaguar spawns increased
  • Added: 'Last Warped' to teleport lady and all warp clips
  • Changed: Items can now be stacked in Kafra of up to 3 stacks
  • Added: Jaguar Mask to Jaguar.
  • Added: Thanatos Despero Mask to Thanatos Despero.
  • Added: Drooping Alicel to Alicel.
  • Added: Lude Mask to Lude.
  • Added: Majoruros Horn to Majoruros.
  • Added: Eclipse Hat to Eclipse.
  • Added: Ghost Bandana to Lude.
  • Added: Safety Helmet to Pitman.
  • Added: Spore Hat to Spore.
  • Added: Mine Hat to Knocker.
  • Added: Deviruchi Hat to Deviruchi.
  • Added: Lion Mask to Chimera.
  • Added: Geographer Band to Geographer.
  • Added: Rideword Hat to Rideword.
  • Added: Moonlight Flower Hat to Moonlight Flower.
  • Added: Deviling Hat [1] to Deviling.
  • Added: Kettle Hat to Waste Stove.
  • Added: Whisper Mask to Whisper.
  • Added: Arc Angeling Hat [1] to Arc Angeling.
  • Added: Costume Lude Mask, Costume Eclipse Hat, and Costume Thanatos Despero to Khajit.


  • Removed: Mardi Gras quest
  • Removed: Seth & Zayden NPC
  • Changed: Skylar Gold star & Dulcet Gold Doubloon to Jellybeans
  • Added: Glass beads back into NPCs
  • Added: St Patrick event and items
  • Removed: Ability to throw snowballs
  • Fixed: Mission boards & reset board
  • Added: @rodex for ROdex


  • Bugfix: Abra can no longer tame monsters.
  • Fixed: Duplicate items have been removed from the auro shop
  • Changed: Random warp maps
  • Bugfix: Mission board errors
  • Added: Mission board reset
  • Added: Mastela Fruit to Vegetable Gardener in Hugel (77, 167).


  • Updated: Quest logs.




  • Updated: Quest logs.


  • Added: @timeofday command
  • Added: @main, @mc, @tc commands
  • Updated: Sushi dealer in amatsu sells in higher bulk
  • Updated: @duel no longer has a cooldown
  • Updated: Novice battle manual is now useable until lvl 75
  • Added: Valkyrie's Shield to Valkyrie miniboss
  • Updated: Stylist now has a 'go to' option for picking dyes
  • Fixed: Prontera warps
  • Removed: Lunar quests
  • Added: Valentines quests
  • Bugfix: Yuno 2 castle no longer strips people
  • Updated: Castle treasure chests to no longer dissapear if you havent claimed them before a reboot.
  • Updated: ACD item cap is now 40%


  • Fixed: Repeated palettes.
  • Updated: Quest logs file.
  • Removed: Xmas Pront.
  • Added: Spring Pront.




  • Fixed: Beginner weapons sprites.


  • Bugfix: Eggs
  • Bugfix: Chat clipping
  • Bugfix: Alberta ship crash fix
  • Bugfix: Tarot Card Fix
  • Changed: Daily tokens are no longer bound
  • Added: Sara's Memory Instance
  • Added: Radical John NPC
  • Added: Lunar New Year quests
  • Removed: Winter quests
  • Removed: Winter Prontera



  • Updated: Quest logs






  • Removed: Xmas Sales and events related.
  • Changed: Gift Box Cart to default Cart.
  • Removed: Snow from all the cities.
  • Added: Costume Bread Bag and Costume Reginleif Hairband.
  • Changed: First part for Horror Toy Factor: more monsters will spawn instead of just 1, need to kill everything before being able to proceed.





  • Added: status arrow quivers and Holy arrow quiver to Inventor Jaax


  • Changed: Old Frozen Box has been given new contents.
  • Changed: 'Kaho Creator' NPC in Valhalla; Now gives a Custom Kaho Voucher instead of a list of Custom Kahos to choose from).
  • Changed: 'Kaho Creator' NPC in Valhalla; No longer supports signing your name on Kahos).
  • Removed: Unintended slot from Costume Corsair.
  • Added: Scatleton Pet to the Bloody Coin trader (2500 Coins).


  • Nerfed: Angeling Bubble Defense was changed from 5 to 1.
  • Removed: Mission Board (Buggy).
  • Fixed: Players can no longer teleport or memo in Horror Toy Factory.
  • Fixed: Celine Kimi's drops.
  • Added: Exchange Cat NPC is now on event map (Special Tickets).


  • Added: Xmas related content (Events and sales).
  • Added: Horror Toy Factory.
  • Changed: the spawns of nif_fild01, gl_prison, gl_chyard, lhz_dun03 and lhz_dun04 have been reduced, some up to 35%.



  • Nerfed: Gossip Raven now doesnt give all stats +1 and the defense was changed from 5 to 2.


  • Fixed: Falken Blitz now display the correct information on description.








  • Changed: TE White Potion weight to 5, limit to 800.
  • Added: TE Blue Potion, limit 200.
  • Added: 20% damage vs angel to all TE weapons.
  • Bugfix: TE weapon types to function with skills/ammos.
  • Changed: TE Pike (1h Spear) weight changed to 125.
  • Changed: TE Lance (2h Spear) weight changed to 175.
  • Changed: TE Shield weight to 200.
  • Changed: TE WoE Coat removal on map exit.





  • Added: Signature Rhin is now available to sign your items (prt_in 31, 72).
  • Changed: Kafra Christine has been moved up to the center of Prontera (prontera 166, 201).
  • Changed: Announcement Board has been moved up to the center of Prontera (prontera 163, 198).




  • Fixed: Malangdo maps no longer appear as Unknown Area.
  • Fixed: Ancient Gold Ornament Base level requirement for the bonus changed from 150 to 95.


  • Fixed: Izlude's Promotional Staff (New World Quest NPC) moved to his original location (izlude 99,136) to reflect Wiki.
  • Fixed: Boitata now leaves a tombstone after being defeated.








  • Changed: the Merchant default cart to a halloween cart.
  • Updated: Old Glast Heim Instance quest logs.
  • Fixed: Novi Niff Race #2 map name.


  • Added: yggtree01, nif_fild01n, nif_fild02n & niflheimn maps (Novi Niff Race Event)
  • Added: Skull Cap Kaho
  • Fixed: Exorciser Description - Added the following: "Add a 5% resistance against Demon monster.

Increases damage from DemiHuman monster by 10%."


  • Removed: Flanring has been disabled.
  • Fixed: Replay Option in the client.
  • Added: Monsters in Hel that are also in skidbladnir now drop Halloween Coin


  • Fixed: monsters' skill in Hel.
  • Changed: raised the drop rate of the Halloween Coin from 1% to 5% in Hel


  • Added: Added the pumpkin field to the towns map permissions. Disabling the use of Ghost Summon Scrolls.



  • Fixed: Raised the drop of the of the Halloween Coin from 0.05% to 0.1% in Hel
  • Fixed: The kafra rewards npc was't reading the array correctly. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Resource errors regarding minimaps.
  • Fixed: Ghost Free Charm description.
  • Fixed: Costume Blessing of Angel Error.


  • Added: The Cursed Swordman quest to the quest logs
  • Added: Halloween Prontera theme
  • Added: New maps for Halloween event:
  • - Skidbladnir
  • - Hel
  • Added: New pet food to prontera pet shop:
  • - Well Ripened Berry (Deviling's Food)
  • - Mystery Blood (Morroc's Incarnation's food)
  • - Solid Peach (Retribution's food)
  • Some NPCs position was changed:
  • - Guild Kriemhild Flag is now at prontera 138,172
  • - Sonya is now at brasilis 172,149 (Hats of Summer 2016 Event NPC)
  • - Heinrich is now at aldebaran 234,167 (Hats of Summer 2016 Event NPC)
  • - Marley is now at cmd_in01 192,117 (Rock, paper and scissors event NPC)
  • - Mailman is now at prontera 160,197
  • - Warper is now at prontera 151,197
  • - Mission Board is now at prontera 169,180
  • - Donation Redeemer is now at prontera 125,211
  • - RoTD is now at prontera 127,217
  • - Webmaster is now at prontera 127,213
  • - Flanring is now at prontera 123,209
  • - SQI Arena Return Warp is now at prontera 155,184
  • Increased: Ghost palace spawns
  • Decreased: The Vit of all ghost palace monsters by half
  • Increased: Torturous redeemer's HP by double
  • Added: Duneyrr skill table to Torturous redeemer
  • Decreased: Gray piece drops to 10% for normal monsters, 15% for mini bosses


  • Updated: Mp3table
  • New Costume implemented Costume Eleanor Wig
  • Fix: Some items descriptions were corrected.
  • Update: Questlogs.
  • Update: New maps information.


  • Fix: Some mid gear was able to be refined, this is not suppose to be.


  • Fix: Missing images for the Zodiac Headgear NPC.



  • Fixed: Some Item descriptions were corrected.
  • Added: New items added, new bgms
  • Fixed: cards with wrong illustration fixed


  • Flanring NPC now checks if player is overweight
  • You can no longer dual client in the following maps: 1@tower, 2@tower, 3@tower, 4@tower, 5@tower, 6@tower, poring_w01, poring_w02, bat_a01, bat_a02, bat_b01, bat_b02, bat_c01, bat_c02, quiz_02, 1@glast, 2@gl_k, 1@gl_k
  • Guild tax was fixed from 50% to up to 99%
  • Fixed: Marin was dropping the wrong card, it now drops it's card.


  • Fixed: Found Sprites for 394 items that were missing
  • Fixed: Balanced 20 New Items that were Renewal for our server.
  • Fixed: Added/Corrected descriptions/info for 414 items


  • Change: Sushi Master now is using the item ID's oppose to the item names.
  • Change: Updated the Item databases so that the new items are available
  • Added: Flanring is now enabled


  • Bugfix: Blank card npc wasn't restocking properly on server resets. Now it does.



  • Change: Reduce the exp bonus provided by Dracula Card from 15 to 12. (Description will be reflected in next patch)
  • Change: Reduce the cost of the Protection Seagod Box in the cash shop from 500 to 100


  • Bugfix: Fix Quiz_00 map permissions so one cannot teleport there.




  • Change: Removed duplicate files from GRF.
  • Change: New Alberta map implemented.


  • Bugfix: Changed Rowen Base experience from 1669 to 0, and Job expeirence from 1266 to 0



  • mosk_fild02 are now memoable.


  • Client addition: Registration button on logon screen.
  • Client change: Increased screenshot quality.
  • Client fix: Hairstyle / dye sliders on character creation would crash.
  • Client fix: Auro cash shop currency description changed from "C" to "AUR".


  • Removed 10 seconds logout timer. Cut down to 3 seconds.
  • Bugfix: Dual Dagger mechanism fixed.
  • Bugfix: Mission Board quest for Moonlight Flower fixed.
  • Poring War player count reverted to 5 versus 5.
  • Forbidden Desert and Forgotten Temple implemented and accessible via Mysterious Warper (morocc 150, 105) and all warp clips. A small fee will be charged, 10,000 zeny via NPC and 5,000 zeny via warp clips.


  • The warp portal exit to Glast Heim from Glast Heim dungeon (gl_cas01) moved to a few cells close to spawn point.
  • Warp Girl added in Port Malaya.
  • Bugfix: Lutie warp in warp clips fixed.






  • Changed the login background
  • Added two new loading screens


  • Bugfix: Mission Board was fixed to retrieve all missions oppose to the top 3.
  • Bugfix: Thanksgiving 2013 Hairband will no longer cause client to crash.
  • Bugfix: Disabled chatroom setup in town streets.
  • Bugfix: Non quest area and fields is now memoable.
  • Bugfix: Warp to dungeons with quest access in (Warp Clip Minor, Warp Clip Major and Warp Clip Elite) fixed.
  • Bugfix: Removed duplicate second spawn of Banshee Shadow. Tombstone will appear upon kill.
  • Bugfix: Fixed guild member amount in a few guild (Max 25 members).
  • Bugfix: All Kafra savepoint is fixed.


  • Bugfix: Hair style and dye sliders on Character Creation fixed.
  • Bugfix: Exit warp for Bloody Branch Rooms and PvP (by relonging) is fixed.
  • Bugfix: Changed castle for War Of Emperium. For Saturday (Prontera 1 and Yuno 2) and Wednesday (Payon 4). Prontera 2 disabled.
  • Bugfix: Eden Quest disabled for further testing.
  • Bugfix: Daily Quest vending machine re-added.
  • Bugfix: Fields and dungeons MVP respawn time fixed.
  • Bugfix: Dark Lord Card and Dark Illusion Card combo effect fixed.
  • Bugfix: Odin_temp02, Odin_temp03, moc_fild20, moc_fild21, moc_fild22, lhz_dun04, que_lhz, bra_dun01, bra_dun02 warp memo wiped from players.
  • Bugfix: MVP Leaderboard are now updated accordingly.
  • Bugfix: Enabled teleportation in gef_dun03 and ama_dun01.
  • Bugfix: Fixed character view.
  • Bugfix: Yggdrasil01 will no longer return players to savepoint upon logout/relog.
  • Bugfix: Dietrich (Rough Material Trader) in Prontera will now upgrade the weapon all at once.
  • Bugfix: The option to refine until safe limit added on Weapon and Armor upgrader NPC.
  • Bugfix: #main chat will now join by default upon login/reloging.
  • Bugfix: Logon message changed.
  • Bugfix: Amatsu savepoint moved to amatsu 199,151.


  • Bugfix: Fixed BB room warps and added return NPC.
  • Bugfix: Fixed Geffenia custom spawns.
  • Bugfix: Spawn rate in moc_pryd06 raised.
  • Bugfix: Fixed cast reduction.
  • Bugfix: Greed skill enabled in towns.
  • Bugfix: Dracula's spawns reduced (amount/delay/cast time) to prevent Blazer Card effect abuse.
  • Bugfix: Missing item/texture resources of hats fixed.
  • Bugfix: Missing storage item issue is fixed.


  • All Mailbox NPC disabled. Mailman NPC released in Prontera for alternative way to send or receive mails.










  • Bugfix : Fixed pet error from recent kRO patches.


  • New Quest Logs : Added several quests logs for Hats of Summer 2016.





  • Mission Board disabled until further notice for overhaul and bug fix.


  • Bugfix : PvP maps will no longer causing client to crash.
  • Bugfix : Unknown item Drosera Hairpin fixed.



  • Bugfix : Screenshot watermark switched to JellyRO.
  • Added 16 more sprites in Kaho Maker in Valhalla. (The Power of Thor, Smokie Hat, Angel Wing, Teddybear Hat, Bone Helm, Panda Hat, Magician Hat, Feather Bonnet, Drooping Cat, Solar God, Wizardry Hat, Incubus Horn, Galapago Cap, Zherltsh Mask, Cowboy Hat and Helm Of Darkness)
  • 30 new costumes implemented. Alive Ten Gallon Hat of Flame, Baphomet Hat, Bell of Pigeon, Charlie Hat, Cow Hat 1, Cow Hat 2, Cow Hat 3, Cow Hat 4, Crow Tengu Mask, Deviruchi Balloon, Dragon Cintamani Hat 1, Cintamani Hat 2, Cintamani Hat 3, Cintamani Hat 4, Evil Druid Hat, Evil Marcher Hat, Fate of Black Hand, Fleece Hat, Flowerpot Mask, Fresh Roses, Green Hat, Piamette Hood, Strongman Hair, Hunting Cap of Gust, Husky Hat, Knit Cap of Water, Large Ribbon Muffler, Loki & Nidhoggur's Doll and Lord of Death Helm.
  • Defense reduced from 10 to 5 for Elephant Model Hat, Gorilla Model Hat, Rhino Model Hat and Lion Model Hat.



  • Bugfix : Bloody Branch disabled in Eclage, Malangdo and Port Malaya maps.
  • Prontera Castle 2 (WoE TE) disabled until further notice. Reverted back to restricted.
  • Mission Board updated. Release The Kraken mission reward raised from 30 Auro to 50.
  • Mission Board updated. Added new mission, Flames of Hell (MVP).



  • Bugfix : Item Masqquerade Box name fixed.
  • Bugfix : Auto Guard maximum level in the skill description window changed from 5 to 10
  • Jejecap Valkyrie Helm implemented.


  • Bugfix : Malangdo town BGM added.
  • Bugfix : Bunny Egg Shell hat, Picky Egg Shell hat and Mimic Egg Shell hat fixed.
  • Bugfix : Female Star Gladiator's head on mount fixed.
  • Bugfix : Dropping Morocc Minion hat sprite fixed.
  • Bugfix : Jejeling Hat sprite fixed.
  • New hats implemented : Elephant Model Hat, Gorilla Model Hat, Rhino Model Hat, Lion Model Hat, Rockhand Model, Scissorhand Model, Paperhand Model, Costume Moon and Stars, Costume World Star, Tasty Strawberry Hat, Choco Stick In Mouth, Gelato Hat, Candy Hat, Nut Donut in the Mouth, Strawberry Hat, Strawberry in the mouth, Sugared Fruit Stick, Chocolate Donut.






  • Bugfix: Malangdo and Port Malaya quests Level Reqs changed to 80; Added questlogs.
  • Bugfix: Eastrelund NPCs re-added: Eyazel, Easter Bunny, Etonne, Egarou, Mother Picky, Essie, Eine, and Eeyr.


  • Bugfix: Orc Hero MVP respawn fixed; 60mins instead of 3mins.


  • New Valkyrie Helm implemented : Holy Marching Hat, Rising Black Dragon, Rose Hairband, Scooter Hat, Vanargand Helm.
  • New Kaho implemented : Holy Marching Hat, Rising Black Dragon, Rose Hairband, Scooter Hat, Vanargand Helm.
  • Bugfix: Sprites fixed for Costume Corsair, Tutorial Mantle, Tutorial Mantle, Gryphon Hat, Drooping Permeter, Imp Hat, TE WoE Katar, Palace Guard Cap, Red Wing Hat, Cat Ear Beret, Costume Despero Of Thana, Curupira Hat, Boitata Hat, Banshee Master Kiss, Baby Desert Wolf Hat, Costume Dragon Skull Hat, Shadow Booster, Costume Blue Brain Hat, Costume Camouflage Rabbit Hood, Costume Horse King, Costume Lamb Hat1, Costume Chicken Hat1, Costume Full Moon, Tasty Straberry Hat, Valentine Heart, Upgrade Katar, Heroic Desocketing Book, Fighting Spirit10, Fighting Spirit9, Fighting Spirit8, Fighting Spirit7, Fighting Spirit6, Fighting Spirit, Eclass Coin, Dclass Coin, Cclass Coin, Bclass Coin, Aclass Coin, Silvervine Fruit, Special Ninja Suit, Tenebris Latitantes, Ninja Scale Armor, Crescent Armguard, Wolf Armguard, Huuma Thunderstorm, Huuma Fluttering Snow, Huuma Swirling Petal, Mikatsuki, Raksasa Dagger, Sagittarius Diadem Box, Sagittarius Crown Box, Capricorn Diadem Box, Capricorn Crown Box, Amistr Hat, Mercenary CastingEden Group Revolver III, Eden Group Huuma Shuriken I, Eden Group, Whip I, Eden Group Guitar I, Eden Group Bow3, Eden Group Knuckle I, Eden Group Dictionary I, Eden Group Two Handed Axe I, Eden Group Saber III, Eden Group Mace3, Eden Group Staff III, Eden Group Dagger III, Eden Group Armor, Eden Group Boots IV, Eden Group Manteau II, Eden Group Hat II, Bargain Hunter's Catalog 10 Box, Bargain Hunter's Catalog, Feather Beret Valkyrie Helm, Advanced Mini Propeller Valkyrie Helm, Magician Valkyrie Helm, Flapping Angeling Valkyrie Helm, Angeling Valkyrie Helm. Red Beret Valkyrie Helm, Skeleton Hood Valkyrie Helm, Hunter's Cap Valkyrie Helm, Valkyrie Feather Valkyrie Helm, Pirate Pride Kaho, Ramen Kaho, Blazing Sun Kaho, Side Cap Kaho, Bijofnil Wings Kaho, Karada Meguricha Kaho, Legionnaire Kaho, Sakura Mist Kaho, Brazil Beret Kaho.
  • Bugfix : Sprites fixed for Black Feather Beret, Costume Horned Hat, Costume Dragon General Helm, Ignis Hat, Pterios Fin, Tendrillion Hat


  • Bugfix: The Return of Mummies quest on Mission Board fixed. Cooldown added to 72 hours.




  • Mission Board moved to prontera,142,87
  • Bugfix: Mission Board message and re-activation fixed.
  • Bugfix: Novice Field Manul & Butterfly Wing can be NPC'd.
  • Bugfix: Autoloot removed from Novice Ground.
  • Bugfix: Orchid Kaho now tradeable.
  • Bugfix: Pink Beanie Kaho now tradeable.
  • Bugfix: Novice training ground multiple spawns fixed.
  • Bugfix: Party levels reduced to 15.
  • Bugfix: Dialogue updated for multiple NPCs.











See Bugtracker for fixes and ongoing bugs.

See Pre-Server Changelog for changes before the transfer to JellyRO.