Sky Temple

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Sky Temple

The Sky Temple is a custom area accessible only by newly created characters. Launched in August of 2015, it is a "spinoff" of the original Training Grounds and designed to show new players a glimpse into some of the custom features of JellyRO server. Once the player leaves the Sky Temple, it is impossible to return.

About Sky Temple

To those chosen few, despite having once fallen, return to Midgard.
Your tale starts anew, Hero, go forth and conquer, Prontera needs you.
Embrace death once more, one day return here to me, Valhalla awaits.

--[Statue of Freya, Norse Goddess], Sky Temple

A small realm that cannot be found on any map, nor accessed from any Midgard portal, the Sky Temple is a place that seems to be located in Valhalla. It is a place where Adventurers both rise and fall; the hall of birth and death.


Angel (193,131)
Angel (222,127)
Statue of Eir, Goddess of Healing (290,255)
Statue of Freyja, Goddess of Love, Fertility & Battle (147,239)
Statue of Frigg & Sleipnir, Beloved Wife and Trusty Steed of Odin (205,145)
Valkyrie (192,215)
Girl (warcage 60,64)
Soldier (warcage 62,58)
Training Ground Guard (205,265)

This NPC gives you the option of continuing on or returning to the original Training Grounds.

Prontera Guard (204,84)
Training Guide (new_2-2 83,115)
Quizilla (new_2-2 116,115)
Training Guide (new_2-2 100,113)
Entrance Guard (new_2-2 73,107)