Somatology Laboratory

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The Somatology Laboratory (Lighthalzen Dungeon, Biolabs, or Regenschirm Laboratory) is a research facility in Lighthalzen belonging to the Rekenber Corporation. It's levels expand beneath the city, where most of the Rekenber Corporation's Life Experimentation tests were conducted. The first level is the main research facility, which houses state of the art equipment and accommodations for its resident scientists. The second level seems to involve more clandestine experiments involving the secrets of life. Here one can find nutrient tanks where test subjects were allegedly confined. The third level serves as a disposal site for the laboratory's hazardous waste materials. However, remains of human bodies from the Life Experimentation tests are also thrown in here. It is rumored that the vengeful spirits of these people haunt the place. Due to some kind of accident in the facility, the laboratory appears to be abandoned; its test subjects are now running amok.

  • [ENTRANCE] A custom warp at the Kauffman building in southeast Lighthalzen (lighthalzen 73, 53) allows players to enter Biolabs F1 without completion of the Biolabs Entrance Quest.
Monster Spawns and Drops (External): Bio Laboratory @ RateMyServer
Somatology Laboratory
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Wolfchev's Laboratory

The final floor of the Somatology Laboratory is the hidden laboratory of Wolchev, the mad scientist at Rekenber Corporation allegedly responsible for the human experimentation. Wolchev is forced to abandon the laboratory when his creations turn on him.

Obtain access via the Biolabs F4 Entrance Quest.

Quick Access Quest

Meet Wolfchev outside the Biolabs 1 entrance in order to start the quest by agreeing to help him clear his laboratory of spirits. You need to already have access to Biolabs 4 before being able to obtain this quest.

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