Soul Linker

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Soul Linker
Soul Linker

Soul Linkers have given up the way of Taekwon Do in order to develop and refine their spiritual powers. You must first attain Job Level 40 as a Taekwon Boy or Girl before changing jobs to Soul Linker. Soul Linkers are naturally immune to status cancelling skills such as Dispell, Hermode's Rod, or Flying Kick.
Soul Linker is at the end of the Taekwon Boy & Girl job tree.

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Item Sýr's Cloak Of Feathers.gif Sýr's Cloak Of Feathers [1]
Sýr's Cloak Of Feathers

The mythical cloak of feathers belonging to the goddess Sýr. It gives the wearer powers that vary depending on what they are using.

+15 INT, +15 DEX, +20 STR, +10 MDEF
Allow use of Status Recovery.
Allow use of Magic Crasher.
+15% Resistance to earth, wind, and poison property.
If dagger type weapon is equipped:
+25% aspd
+50 attack
If Rod type weapon is equipped:
+20% Esma Damage
-15% SP usage.

Defense: 8
Equipped on : Garment
Weight: 50
Available Job: Soul LinkerOther: Account Bound (storage allowed but no drop/trade)


1 Heavenly Maiden Robe
1 Spiritual Ring
1 Myst Card
25 Transparent Celestial Robes
50 Soft Silks
100 Red Feathers
100 Blue Feathers
100 Green Orbs
100 Yellow Orbs

Cost: 75,000,000z

For additional information about obtaining SQIs, visit the Super Quest Item page.

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