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The love of pursuit and the thrill of the chase is personified in the elusive Stalker... Those targeted by a Stalker had best give up all hope of escape. Those that wish to capture a Stalker should simply accept defeat. Undetectable and uncapturable, Stalkers specialize in spying, harassing, chasing and shaking off enemies.

Stalker is at the end of the Thief job tree.

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Item Sherwood Bow.gif Sherwood Bow [3]
Sherwood Bow

Strong sturdy bow that was rumoured to be owned by a great thief of the past.

Range + 9, AGI + 5
Enables use of Level 10 [Improve Concentration]
If [Remove Trap] is learned, enable use of Level 3 [Ankle Snare]
Add a 7% chance to auto cast level 3 [Critical Wounds] on the target while dealing physical damage.
(Critical wounds decreases heal/healing item value of target by 60% for 30 seconds)

Item Class: Bow
Slots: 3
Attack Strength: 150
Weight: 150
Weapon Level: 4
Attack Range: 6
Required Level: None
Applicable Jobs: Rogue, Stalker


1 Roguemaster's Bow
1 Arbalest [2]
1 Whisper Card
2 Young Twig
300 Barren Trunk
300 Fine-grained Trunk
300 Solid Trunk
200 Thin Trunk
100 Olivite

Cost: 150,000,000z

For additional information about obtaining SQIs, visit the Super Quest Item page.


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